three generations of family

Hold Up, Grandma!

Grandparents are amazing. They also need rules, this grandma says.

Spas and getaways for girlfriends and moms in the Pacific Northwest


Just in time for Mother's Day, the relaxation roundup you deserve

homemade teacher gifts

Dear Teacher: I Love You!

15 teacher-appreciation gifts kids can make

smart little girl with an idea

Are You Raising a Growth Mindset?

One mindset helps your kids succeed, the other holds them back

A mother and her baby featured in the Having It All film

Having It All?

In an intimate documentary, the crosshairs of work and family are explored

family road trip Westfalia van

Hit the Road

5 scenic family road trips around the Pacific Northwest

mom etsy artist

The Boss of Everyone!

Parents are becoming entrepreneurs to better balance it all

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Healthy Kids Cook

Healthy Kids Cook!

Make Black Bean Tamale Pies!

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kid who doesn't want to do her homework

Whose Homework Is It?

Of course it's their homework, but how much should we nag, remind and battle with our kids? One parenting expert explains why hands off is your best bet to help your student build responsibility and good habits.

Frozen birthday party ideas

Yurt Gonna Love It

Your complete guide to take family camping to the next level. We show you how to move from tenting to yurting, with campground tips, what to pack and more!

The top baby gear for newborns

Bring Home Baby, Simply

It might seem like you can't have a modern baby without hundreds of pieces of "critical" gear, and of course everyone has an opinion on what to buy for a newborn. Actually, you don't need much. Here are the 20 things you really need to settle in with your babe.

Teenage girl freaking out

Teenage Meltdowns

Being a teenager can feel like living inside a pressure cooker. The combined challenges of excelling in school, participating in extracurricular activities, putting in community service hours, working a part-time job (for some), negotiating relationships and managing hormonal changes could all be ingredients for disaster. Here's your step-by-step primer on cooling the situation down.

When coaches bully

When Coaches Bully

Sports coaches are supposed to be the ultimate role models for kids, helping them gain confidence, find their passion and learn the value of teamwork. But what happens when a coach becomes the bully? We have your tips for coaches who swear, yell, intimidate and even shove kids. Not OK!

kid sperhero

Are We Raising Moral Kids?

Researchers have figured out something about parents that we ourselves might not know or else not be willing to admit: While most of us say we highly value instilling moral concepts like kindness toward others and a sense of fairness in our children, in action and deed it appears we often put the conflicting values of personal happiness and achievement first. And our kids notice.