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10 DIY Costume Ideas for Baby's First Halloween

Make the first Halloween sweet or spooky with these adorable costume ideas

Published on: September 16, 2013

Baby Toad

Toad-ally Adorable
Check out this clever toadstool mushroom DIY costume featured on the Wispy House blog. Mom Jessica shows us her step-by-step process for making the dotted hat, “grassy” sweatpants, and the teensy caterpillar climbing up the onesie.  What a great Halloween costume for baby — just don’t venture too far into the forest, because your little nugget will blend right in!

Baby aerobics instructor

5, 6, 7, 8!
This kicky little number featured over at Homemade by Jill gets us singing and flash-dancing up a storm. Baby aerobics instructor? Major awwww points. And that handmade felt boombox? So rockin’! Head over to the full post to see how tiny leg warmers make an instant costume for baby’s first Halloween.

Little chef costume

Order’s Up!
How’s this for a last-minute Halloween costume? Talk about uncomplicated DIY all the way.  All you’ll need is a spare onesie and a fabric marker to make a little chef’s jacket like the one featured over at Rookie Moms. Head over to the full blog and try typing “Halloween” into the search bar. Inspired much?

Little Red Riding Hood

My, what a cute costume you have!
For the crafty mom looking to show off her stuff for babe’s first Halloween, this little Red Rding Hood costume featured on Utah County Mom is just the ticket. With some intermediate sewing skills, red fabric and tulle, you can whip up a better-than-store-bought classic. Get this — Mama Jessica repurposed pieces of old clothing for this costume, and the whole ensemble cost less than 15 bucks to whip up. Head over to the full blog for more inspiration. We think this idea could be great for girls of any age!

Mini octopus cutie

A Leggy Idea
What’s cuter than a set of roly-poly baby legs? Four sets! The crafty mind behind Taylor Made created this octopus costume using a onesie, leggings, and an extra-large t-shirt for material for the legs. After tie-dyeing all of the pieces, Momma Taylor made six sock-shaped legs for the leg “skirt.” Your under-the-sea tot will love playing with the plush legs. Head over to the full blog for DIY tips and more octo-inspiration!

Little Olympian

Going for Gold
The wonder of the London Olympics will carry us through year end, and this baby Olympian costume featured at the Kayla Aimee blog wins a shiny gold medal for sartorial creativity. The simple idea of adding a homemade medal to an athletic outfit makes for a quick costume idea for baby’s first Halloween. Gymnast? Swimmer? Track star? Drooler? There are so many possibilities!


What a Hoot!
Spend a few hours searching through craft blogs and Etsy listings and it’s clear to see that owls are having a moment right now. We love this pair of DIY petite owl costumes featured over at Inhabitots. The little felted feathers and owl-eyed knit topper are doubly adorable. Head over to the full blog for a list of what you’ll need to make these Halloween costumes take flight!

Little gunslinger

Wild Wild West
If you’ve got one of those baby suits lying around from a recent formal event, get one more use out of the ensemble this Halloween by making an old-fashioned saloon boy costume. Mama Molly of Ain’t No Mom Jeans lists her budget finds including a baby vest and an arm garter cut to size. Then, draw on a handlebar mustache and you’ve got one adorable (baby) bottle-slingin’ man. Molly also shares her ideas for coordinating the whole family in 1880s attire with a little help from your local thrift store.

Tall or grande?

Half-Tall, Double-Sweet
How cute is this idea for a mini-barista costume featured on the Home-Eco Nanay blog? With a few basic items you probably already own (white tee and khaki pants) and a DIY apron and hat, you’ve got a great costume for baby’s first Halloween. We love that dad dressed up, too! Check out the full blog post to see the pair’s trip to Starbucks to visit the staff. We bet they came home with a grande cup of treats!

Baby Steve Jobs

Baby Jobs
Create your own baby entrepreneur with this idea for a Steve Jobs costume dreamed up by the devilishly creative minds behind Rookie Moms. The late founder and CEO’s uniform of a black turtleneck, jeans, and white sneaks is so simple to put together. Add an Apple logo back and you’ve got one smart iBaby — a perfect first Halloween costume for the techy family.  And no Apple creation is complete without accessories. Why not craft some felt mobile devices, glasses, or a plush apple for a finishing touch?

This article was first published in the fall of 2012.

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