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10 Fun Foods on a Stick

Published on: July 10, 2012

French toast kebabs

Toasty Goodness
Breakfast in bed just got a whole lot easier. Head over to One Lovely Day to peep the beautiful French toast kebabs and other featured party ideas. Simply layer the pieces of French toast and berries and finish with a dusting of powdered sugar for easy entertaining. Why not set up an assembly line and put the kiddos to work?

Antipasto kebabs - The Hungry Housewife

Timesaving Tortellini
We’ve all been there — with guests on the way and not enough time — what ever will you make for an appetizer? These antipasto kebabs featured on The Hungry Housewife are the perfect solution for any dinner party. The saltiness of the salami and green olives is balanced by the mozzarella and cheesy tortellini (the store-bought boil-and-serve variety works great!). Any way you stack ’em, the results are delish!

Strawberry Stickcake - Lemonae Makin' Mama

Strawberry Stickcake
Enough with turning your kitchen into a furnace this summer by baking cake after cake. This “cool” strawberry shortcake idea by Lemonade Makin’ Mama uses frozen pre-made angel food cake chunks to sweeten up your summer BBQ (don’t forget to add a side of fresh whipped cream for dipping). Check out the full post to see how the rest of the Mama’s BBQ turned out, and find her tried and tested recipe for the perfect pitcher of lemonade. Yum!

Pizza on a Stick - Food Family Finds

Pizza Sticks
Who would have thought pizza on a stick would be possible? Take your average pizza party to the next (healthier) level with this clever idea from Food Family Finds. Mom-of-three Catherine shares her recipe, which calls for whole wheat pita slices, turkey pepperoni, mozzarella sticks, tomatoes, and olives, plus marinara sauce for dipping — all the makings of a yummy pizza pie. Head over to Catherine’s blog for a wonderful collection of family recipes and beautiful desserts!

Hot Choco Sticks - 30 Pounds of Apples

Hot Choco Sticks
Sure, they’re not the most practical of summer treats, but sometimes a chocolate craving so strong comes along that it can only be cured by a decadent cup of hot chocolate. Those sad powdery packets won’t do the trick, but these hot chocolate sticks featured on 30 Pounds of Apples are perfect to make ahead of time for when the craving hits. Blogger Kristi tells readers that using “really, really good chocolate” will have your family calling you Willy Wonka. We love the finishing touch of the mini-marshmallows. Check out the full post for melting and mixing tips!!

Monster Kebabs - Little Nummies

Little Monsters
Using ingredients you probably have on hand, your kids can make these twee (and healthy) monsters on a stick featured over at Little Nummies. By stacking snacks like apples, marshmallows, raisins, and cheese, the kiddos can make their own monster pals. When their creativity wanes, they can gobble up their friends for a snack! Check out the blog for examples and other creations by crafty Mom Kellie.

Sandwich kebabs - Eat. Drink. Love

Deli To-Go
Liven up your family’s summer lunches with this adorable sandwich-on-a-stick idea featured over at Eat. Drink. Love. — probably as quick to make as a regular sandwich, but tons more fun! Layer your bread (cut into petite shapes using cookie cutters, of course!), veggies, meat, and cheese, and you’re good to go! Check out the full blog for a gold mine recipe index and beautiful food photography.

Strawberry Banana Snakes - Super Healthy Kids

A Snake-y Snack
These science-inspired snacks featured over at Super Healthy Kids are a great lunchtime idea for all the adventurous kids out there. Clever Momma Erica even suggests sneaking in a quick lesson on coral snakes and their stripes as the family assembles the snack. Bananas, strawberries, and cheesy jam wheat wraps make up the stripes. Healthy, delicious, and fun!

Grilled fruit skewers - Organic Authority

Sweet Grillers
Make your BBQs a little sweeter with this simple idea for fruit skewers, brought to you by the brilliant Organic Authority. The kiddos can help assemble the skewers, while dad grills them up! Kiwis take center stage in this recipe, which calls for a pureed kiwi glaze. Blogger Barbara offers up these nutrition facts about the unassuming kiwi: A serving has twice the vitamin C of an orange, as much potassium as a banana, and as much fiber as a serving of bran flakes — all for less than 100 calories! Check out the full blog for other healthy recipes and “eco-chic” decorating ideas.

Candy Kebabs - Anna and Blue Paperie

Candy Kebabs
Looking for a reason to stock up on all your favorite bulk candy sweets that doesn’t involve a gingerbread house? Here’s a fun candy idea for any time of the year, presented on Anna and Blue Paperie. The DIY tutorial includes step-by-step instructions for assembling the treats and neat ideas for wrapping them up as party favors. Summer is filled with celebrations of all kinds, so why not wrap up a few for your next gathering?

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