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10 Easy DIY Holiday Gifts for Party Hosts, Friends and Neighbors

Published on: December 01, 2013


An easy — and adorable — way to dress up some root beer (or real beer) for the holiday season from Life of a Modern Mom. Some pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a red pompom nose make this an easy project that the kids can help with. 

Infused oils

Merry infusions
Is there anything more delicious than fresh bread dipped in garlic-infused oil? Sun and Glory offers a simple tutorial on creating infused oils from olive oil, as well as instructions for making infused vodka and whiskey (cheers!). A little twine, some glass containers and a paint pen make for a beautiful gift. 

iPad holder and chalkboard

Tablet holder and chalkboard
This is not your grandmother's cookbook holder. This DIY idea from Shanty 2 Chic features a chalkboard that also serves as a perch for your tablet — a great way to read recipes online while keeping your tablet safe from spills and crumbs. All you need is some cut wood, wood glue and chalkboard paint. A great gift for anyone who likes to cook.

Spiced Coffee

A cuppa' Christmas Joe
If you've been to Starbucks in the last month, then you likely stood in a long line for one of their popular (and delicious) holiday drinks. Give the gift of a delicious cup of coffee that can be enjoyed at home. Savor the taste of cinnamon, vanilla and orange with this Christmas coffee recipe from MilkyMug.  

Snow Globe and terrarium

DIY snow globes and terrariums
Create magical winter landscapes with this tutorial from The Lemonista. Mason jars, plant embellishments and plastic figurines make for a craft where kids (and adults) can make their own self-contained winter wonderland. these gifts make beautiful displays on fireplace mantles or smaller jars can be hung from the Christmas tree.

Hot cocoa snowman

Hot cocoa and snowmen 
Making snowmen and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa is the stuff holiday memories are made of. This craft from The DIY Mommy finds a whole new way to combine the two.  Baby food jars filled with mints, marshmallows and cocoa mix make a cute but easy gift that the kids can help put together.  You can also use mason jars if you don't have a bumper supply of baby food jars.

peppermint sugar scrub

Peppermint sugar scrub
This peppermint sugar scrub from Lollyjane is one of hundreds of sugar scrub recipes on the internet, all with ingredients ranging from merely sugar and olive oil to more complex creations. Scrub away rough winter skin with this delicious recipe that leaves skin smelling minty fresh and soft. This recipe includes a free printable tag.

Cookie mix in a Jar

Cookie-in-a-jar mix
It can be feast or famine when it comes to holiday cookies. Sometimes, you have three plates of cookies from neighbors and friends, and other times you'd kill for some fresh-baked goodness. These cookie jars from Cul-de-sac Cool let the recipients make fresh cookies at their convenience. Free printable labels can be found at the link.

Embellished lids

Holiday lids
Sometimes, it's all about the packaging. These embellished lids from Mariejanelle made from plastic toys glued to jar lids and then spray painted make a chic statement and dress up any gift that you might put in a jar.

Wine bottle labels

Merry wine labels
Not into the whole "crafting" thing or finding yourself short on time? Get these festive labels from Etsy and you'll have beautifully embellished bottles of wine or bubbly to present to your friends with minimal effort. Now that's something to drink to!


Baby Santa

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Rory Graves is ParentMap's Social Media coordinator. She looks forward to creating some fun holiday crafts with her kids this year. She doesn't look forward to cleaning up the mess these crafts create.  

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