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10 Mother Adages: The Truth Behind Common Mom Wisdom

Does mother really know best?

Mother knows bestMom always knows best, right? Or does she?
From her can't-fail recipe for chocolate chip cookies to how best to clean and dress a scraped knee with as few tears as possible, Mom is the family's Oracle of Everything.

But even experts get it wrong sometimes — and commonly passed-on beliefs can be the hardest myths to bust. Ever wondered if chicken soup really does do wonders for colds or if reading in dim light can actually hurt your eyes? In honor of Mother’s Day, we look at some adages from Mother Knows Best? The Truth About Mom’s Well-Meaning (But Not Always Accurate) Advice to shed light on mom’s age-old cautionary tales. It’s time to debunk — or verify — her received wisdom.

Read on for the hairy truth about shaving...

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