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12 Creative Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Published on: November 02, 2013

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Breakfast hash with cheddar mashed potato pancakes by How Sweet It Is

You know what’s more exciting than tasty stuffing on Thanksgiving? Leftover stuffing after Thanksgiving. And that’s exactly why we’re so excited about this hearty day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast hash of champions featured on How Sweet It Is. To make your own, simply combine leftover mashers with cheddar cheese to create pancakes and place them in your favorite cast iron skillet with leftover stuffing. Top with eggs cooked to your liking.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Grilled cheese sandwiches with turkey and cranberry sauce by BS' In the Kitchen

Go the quick-and-easy route for dinner on Black Friday and make a batch of these “turkey dinner” grilled cheese sandwiches included on BS’ in the Kitchen. Easily made with leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, brie, basil and French bread, these simple sammies will make leftovers disappear in no time!

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Turkey cranchiladas by Tracey's Culinary Adventures

Who would have ever thought that Thanksgiving leftovers could turn into a delicious Mexican dinner? According to Tracey’s Culinary Adventures, these turkey cranchiladas do just that. Mixing turkey and cranberry sauce with salsa and pepper jack cheese, this playful dish is destined to become a leftover hit. See the rest of Tracey’s post for the full scoop.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Turkey and vegetable soup by The Chic Life

If you, too, find yourself with a wide variety of veggies left over from pre-Thanksgiving snack trays, take a tip from The Chic Life and throw them into a turkey soup! As suspected, this one-pot soup offers up healthy tray favorites such as carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, along with shredded leftover turkey, barley and more.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Hawaiian BBQ turkey pizza by Damn Delicious

Another super-creative way to transform your Thanksgiving leftovers, these Hawaiian BBQ turkey pizzas featured on Damn Delicious are downright incredible. Made on Trader Joe’s flatbread with diced turkey, shredded mozz, BBQ sauce and other toppings of your choice, these snacky pies are light, bright and packed with fun flavors.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Candied yam empanadas by Domestic Fits

Got leftover candied yams taking up prime real estate in the fridge? Domestic Fits has just the solution for putting them to good use with these incredible candied yam empanadas. Simply whip up your dough with Jackie’s go-to recipe, and fill them with with a mix of mashed yams, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup and more.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Thanksgiving leftovers hand pies by Zestuous

If you have leftover piecrusts in your day-after-Thanksgiving stockpile, consider serving up some of these adorable Black Friday hand pies featured on Zestuous. With each one featuring a little bit of green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy and chopped turkey, these little snackers are sure to impress after the big family feast.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Sweet potato donuts by Spoon Fork Bacon

Why buy donuts for the holiday weekend when you can make your own? Needless to say, these sweet potato spudnuts featured on Spoon Fork Bacon are truly inspiring! Though this treat may seem daunting, we promise that it’s not: If you’ve got two cups of mashed sweet potatoes left on-hand and common baking ingredients in your pantry, you’re all set! See the full post for the full walkthrough.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Cranberry sauce muffins by Kitchen Treaty

Take a tip from Kitchen Treaty and transform yesterday’s cranberry sauce into quick and hearty muffins. To get started, you’ll want to have a cup and a half of leftover cranberry sauce, rolled oats, cinnamon and basic baking staples. Requiring only 35 minutes for total prep and cook time, these mini treats are a perfect pick for a light, morning-after family breakfast.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Curried turkey pies by Keep Calm and Eat On

If you’ve got enough turkey left to feed an army, don’t miss out on this fun idea for making curried turkey pie, compliments of Keep Calm and Eat On. Packed full of delicious flavors and topped with simple puff pastry, this mildly spicy dish features chunky chopped turkey, diced veggies, tomatoes, yogurt and savory spices such as coriander, cumin, turmeric and chili powder. Check out the rest of the post for the full scoop — you won’t be disappointed!

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Leftover pumpkin pie breakfast casserole by Oh How She Glows

Eat pumpkin pie for breakfast the next day without the guilt by making this clever breakfast casserole featured on Oh How She Glows. Baking maven Angela notes that with this casserole’s mix of pumpkin pie, almond milk, rolled oats, ground flax and maple syrup, you’d think it would be “crazy sweet,” but it’s not! See her full post for more tips on getting started, plus gorgeous photography.

Thanksgiving leftovers idea: Cranberry sauce parfaits by Sweet Remedy

Looking for a weekend dessert idea that’ll impress visiting family and use up Thanksgiving leftovers? Sweet Remedy has just the solution with these leftover orange cranberry parfaits. Easily made with cranberry sauce, vanilla or Greek yogurt and some crunchy granola (or crushed rice cakes as shown), simply fold in your layers of goodies, grab a spoon and enjoy!

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