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15 Healthy Spring Lunch Ideas for Kids

Published on: February 28, 2013

Spring flowers bento box lunch for kids by Alpha Mom

Spring is certainly in the air with this gorgeous blooming bento box featured on Alpha Mom. (It almost looks too good to eat!) Offering up bite-sized PB&J flower sammies and blossoms made out of orange slices, this flourishing lunch is sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters with its variety of textures, colors and flavors.

Spring bumble bees bento box lunch for kids by Bento, Monsters

Treat your own busy little bee to a spring lunch that’s sure to create a buzz, like this fantastic bento featured on Bento, Monsters. Made with rice balls (nigori) and nori, these fun little critters are colored using rice mixed with mashed egg yolk and a bit of turmeric. Get the full tutorial by visiting the rest of Mom Ming’s post.

Spring sheep bento box lunch for kids by Bentolicious

Don’t miss out on this silly little guy featured on Bentolicious by Mom Elaine! Made out of nori and egg sheets, this adorable sheep can also be made using different colors of cheese. Check out the full post for more info on getting started. Most definitely one lunch that won’t be the black sheep at the table!

Easter bunny bento box lunch for kids by Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook

Mom Susan of Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook shares these sweet baby bunnies that she made for her daughter’s lunch — and boy, are they sure to get your minis into the Easter spirit! Easily made out of rice balls with nori eyes, these wee rabbits are accompanied by a colorful variety of fruits and veggies and some garlic-crusted salmon (info included in the full post).

Easter basket bento box lunch for kids by Bento, Monsters

Transform your child’s sandwich into an edible Easter basket like this fun meal featured on Bento, Monsters! Mom Ming says that she wanted to use either bread or cheese for the basket weaving, but that after making the base of her sandwich, she had plenty of leftover bread to weave her kiddo a basket. Throw in a couple of candy Easter eggs, and a spring egg chick and you’ve got one fab spring lunch on your hands!

Spring umbrella bento box lunch for kids by Bento-logy

Chase away those rainy-day blues with this adorable “spring showers”-themed bento box included on Bento-logy! This fun, quick and easy meal features a turkey, cheddar, and mustard sandwich topped with a cheddar and provolone umbrella. Overall, one neat treat that’s sure to make the sun shine even when the weather’s at its worst.

Spring flowers bento box lunch for kids by Adventures in Bentomaking

Spring showers may work well for bento box ideas, but they also help create a variety of colorful spring blooms — and that’s exactly why we can’t get enough of these vibrant spring tulips featured on Adventures in Bentomaking! Made using boiled quail eggs that have been soaked in neon food coloring, these mini blooms come to life atop a bed of brown rice and scrambled eggs, and include sliced sugar snap peas for their leaves and stems. Be sure to check out the rest of the full post for more info on getting started!

Easter bunny bento box lunch for kids by Happy Little Bento

Bring on the bunnies this Easter with this cute lunch idea featured on Happy Little Bento! Using white cheese, nori, and a purple sweet potato to create this mini rabbit’s sweet face, Mom Sheri says that this treat paired perfectly with a side of slow-cooked barbeque chicken that her children could add during lunch to prevent having soggy bread. See the full post to learn more.

Easter bunny bento box lunch for kids by Happy Little Bento

Another fun idea from Happy Little Bento for Easter eats, this wee little bunny sure does have plenty to smile about when it comes to this bento box! Offering up a burrito surrounded by fresh veggies with a carrot patch on top and colorful fruits nearby, this bunny lunch is destined to be a crowd-pleaser. Check out the rest of Sheri’s full post to learn more about creating your own egg-cellent rabbits.

Spring chicks bento box lunch for kids by Bentolicious

Tis the season for spring chickens, and these baby birdies made with rice balls mixed with minced chicken featured on Bentolicious are worth clucking about. Check out those clever sausage flowers — too cute!

Easter bunny bento box lunch for kids by Bento-logy

Does your family love reading about Peter Cottontail come Easter? Consider treating your kiddos to a lunch that’s sure to get spring a-hoppin’ in your home with this fun “here comes Peter Cheddar Tail” lunch served up on Bento-logy. Created with the help of a bunny cookie cutter, this sweet little guy is made with cheddar and provolone cheese, and sits atop a whole wheat mini pita with salami and veggie cream cheese. Also included in this lunch: a fresh “pea patch,” fruit salad, and Girl Scout cookies for a midday sweet.

Spring sheep bento box lunch for kids by Meet the Dubiens

Mom Jill of Meet the Dubiens shares this adorable mini sheep that she made for her kids last spring — and this is woolly little critter is sure to make any picky eater smile! Made with provolone cheese, icing eyes, and fruit leather for the sheep’s facial features, this friendly little sandwich is accompanied by romaine lettuce, strawberries, and baby carrots, providing a colorful healthy lunchtime treat. Be sure to check out the rest of Jill’s post for additional animal lunch ideas — including an owl, puppy, monkey and more.

Spring butterflies bento box lunch for kids by Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook

Speaking of plenty of spring cuteness… Check out this lovely butterfly “finger food” garden lunch featured on Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook. (Oh, the delightful things you can do with a little bit of colorful cheese!) Also created with the help of mini cookie cutters, these bite-sized butterfly and flower sandwiches are made with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and adorned with fun googly icing eyes.

Easter bunny bento box lunch for kids by Happy Little Bento

Hoping to introduce your kiddos to the joys of eating sushi? These sweet spring sushi bunnies featured on Happy Little Bento will certainly help make the meet-and-greet-and-eat one to remember! Easily made with turkey dogs, nori facial features, and edamame ears, this healthy Easter-themed lunch idea is plenty of fun to eat, and offers up oodles of cuteness for young pastafarians!

Spring flowers bento box lunch for kids by Bento Mama

Bento Mama Kristen shares not one, but two spring flower bento lunch ideas that are positively budding with creativity! Using mini round and flower cookie cutters, this lunch offers up a bounty of bright and beautiful healthy eats — cantaloupe, grapes, cucumbers, pumpkin bread, fruit leather blossoms, and the hit snack mix from Annie’s. Check out the rest of Kristen’s post to see the additional flower bento ideas!

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