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20 Easter basket goodies featured on Etsy

Published on: March 01, 2011

Easter bunnyFinding fun Easter basket goodies each year can be tough -- especially if you're hoping to cut back on the sweets. For this Easter, we decided to check out Etsy before hopping in the car and we found some really amazing Easter gift ideas. Read further for plenty of homemade Etsy goodies that are great for children of all ages and stages -- with cute puppets that fit adults included!

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Homemade play dough by All Sewn Up on EtsyLeggo my play dough

We can't get enough of All Sewn Up's homemade olive oil rainbow dough and its beautiful spring colors! Priced at $14, this vegan and eczema-friendly dough is made with toxic-free, all-natural ingredients and a limited amount of salt, unlike store-bought Play Doh. Perfect for an Easter basket treat, this vibrant dough comes in five different rainbow colors -- rose, orange, yellow, green or turquoise -- and is shipped in an air-tight package, along with a coupon code that is good for a future purchase! Check out the All Sewn Up Etsy shop for more featured play doughs.


Chenille bunny by Sew That's It on Etsy

Some bunny to love

What's Easter without a cute new cuddly Easter bunny?! The Sew That's It Etsy shop features these adorable, life-size stuffed bunnies for $38 a piece. Hand-sewn with velvety chenille and salvaged dresser scarf scraps for ears, these bunnies also feature cute vintage buttons for the eyes and big fuzzy pom poms for the tails. Check out the Sew That's It Etsy shop to see all bunnies that are currently available!


Pairs of Spring Memory Game by Merry Blue Arts on EtsyMatchmaker, matchmaker

If you've got a little one who loves playing Memory, consider checking out Merry Blues Art's beautiful "pairs of spring" matching games. Priced at $20 each, these brain-boosting memory game sets feature 10 spring-themed, disc pairs and all original artwork. Though we think the spring-themed cards are perfect for Easter, winter- and summer-themed games are also available in the Merry Blues Art's Etsy shop.



Homemade sidewalk chalk by Sunshine and Sidewalks on EtsyEaster color bugs

Nothing says spring like bumble bees and butterflies! Your little one will love showing off their creative side in the neighborhood with this four-piece set of colorful chalk ($5.50) from the Sunshine and Sidewalks Etsy shop, based out of Olympia. Featuring a ladybug, butterfly, bumble bee and dragonfly, this homemade chalk comes packed in a cute gift box and is available in custom orders. Check out the Sunshine and Sidewalks Etsy shop for more fun chalk shapes!


Felt bunny finger puppets by Golly Gee George on EtsyEaster bunny felt friends

The Golly Gee George Etsy shop features these homemade bunny felt finger puppets in the pretty Easter colors of lavender, pink and periwinkle blue. Priced at $12 for each set of three puppets, these cute felt bunnies are hand-sewn from post-consumer felt and have minimal exposed stitching to prevent snags. Plus, not only do these bunnies make an excellent Easter basket gift, they're great for year-round play!



Pacific Northwest seed bombs by VisuaLingual on EtsyEaster blooms

Spring into Easter with some beautiful Northwest wildflower seeds! Priced at $7 in the VisuaLingual Etsy shop, these easy-to-use seed bombs are bee-, butterfly- and bird-friendly and they have been featured in various well-known publications, including Vogue magazine. Each bag contains five gumball-sized balls that contain Northwest wildflower favorites such as poppies, daisies, lupines, snap dragons and black-eyed susans. Be sure to also check out the VisuaLingual Etsy shop for more seed bomb selections -- including herbs, dog- and cat-friendly seeds and more!


Soft baby instrument set by Denise Jacobsohn on EtsyShake it up this Easter

We love this soft musical instrument set featured in Denise Jacobsohn's Etsy shop! For $32, this homemade, fun musical bag comes complete with two squeaking cymbals, two rattling drum sticks, a tambourine and a maraca -- all covered in soft cotton so you won't have to worry about your budding musician getting hurt. Be sure to also check out Denise Jacobsohn's Etsy shop for soft tool box sets ($30), interactive felt books ($29) and much more creative goodness!


Mini marker set by Dilly Baby on EtsyEaster color kits

The Dilly Baby Etsy shop features these adorable mini marker sets -- and we think that they make for an excellent Easter basket goody! Priced at $24 a piece, these homemade marker sets are hand-sewn with beautiful patterns and include velcro that is easy to open and close for small hands. Each market set includes 10 washable Crayola mini markers and a 4x6 inch pad of paper. Additional paper pads are available for $3 and gift messages can be included at no cost.


Funny putty by Fairypants Designs on EtsySquishy, slimy Easter fun

Hailing from Vancouver, WA, Fairypants Designs' funny putty is sure to be a downright slimy Easter basket hit this year! Each bright color is available for $5 a piece and comes in an airtight tin with approximately 3 tablespoons of squishy, gooey fun. Fairypants Designs recommends not letting your child eat this putty as it contains glue as an ingredient and as well suggests that it be used during table play (or outside) so that it does not get rubbed into the furniture or carpet. Choose from three florescent fun colors!


Bubble and bubble wand by Mystic Moor on EtsyEaster bubble time

What could be better for Easter than bubbles? How about a personalized bubble wand to add into the mix! The Mystic Moor Etsy shop features these adorable homemade bubble wands and bubble solution for only $6 -- and they can be personalized! The bubble wands range from 5-7 inches in size and can be customized with glass beads, length and color of your choice; simply message Mystic Moor while ordering. Each wand and bubble set comes gift wrapped in the clear bags shown and the bubbles are sealed in a glass Mason jar. We think this is such a cute idea for an Easter gift -- and not to mention, hours of bubble time fun!


Felt play food breakfast by Eva Lauryn on Etsy


A felt meal fit for Easter

Homemade felt play food has gotten so creative in the past few years and Eva Lauryn's Etsy shop delicious felt offerings are no exception. With a wide variety of hand-sewn felt play foods ranging from $5-55, Eva Lauryn has almost any fruit, veggie or meal that you can think of. (Besides the pancakes shown on the left, you must check out her salads -- they are not to be missed!) So if you've got a fantastic felt food chef in your home, consider snapping up a couple treats for them to add to their menus!


Classic wooden yo-yo by Goose Grease Undone on EtsyEaster a go-go

Perfect as a small and simple Easter basket gift, these classic wooden yo-yos from the Goose Grease Undone Etsy shop will as well be great for year-round play. Priced at $4 a piece, these yo-yos can be painted at home or purchased for only a dollar more already painted in a bright fun color in Goose Grease Undone's sister Etsy shop, Goose Grease. Overall, a classic toy that will never get old!


Easter bunny hair clip by Everyday Clippies on EtsyEaster bunny clippy love

Everyday Clippies' Etsy shop features a great variety of hair clips -- including an entire Easter section with these cute bunny clips for only $4.50. Hand-sewn using soft felt, these cute Easter clips feature a no-slip velvet grip and are heat-sealed to prevent any fraying. Be sure to also check out the Everyday Clippies Easter chicks, duckies and eggs, along with the 100+ other clip offerings that they have in their shop.


ABC children's board book by Matthew Porter Art on EtsyE is for Easter

If you've got a little one at home who is just beginning to delve into their ABCs, consider checking out these adorable ABC board books from the Matthew Porter Art Etsy shop. Based out of Seattle, Matthew Porter's board books (all priced at $9) feature numbers, animals, ABCs and more -- plus, you can get homemade stuff online that's still local! If like us, you love Porter's artwork, consider checking out the rest of his Etsy shop for children's clothing, artwork and more.


Bunny security blanket by Etsy's BBs for BabiesAn Easter bunny snuggly

We actually like this bunny security blanket so much, we also included it in our 15 nursery must-haves featured on Etsy roundup! Priced at $29, this BBs for Babies bunny blanket is handmade with a textured minky fabric on one side and a cool, silky satin on the other. Perfect for a toddler's Easter gift, this blanket will make for a great new sleepy-time friend and it's 100 percent machine washable -- making it easy for mama!


Easter frog soap by Howard's HomeA super hoppy Easter

This is one bath time treat that your little one will be hopping up and down for! The Howard's Home Etsy shop features these great homemade exploding frog soaps for only $3.75 a piece. Homemade with an outer glycerin soap shell, these exploding frogs offer fun and foamy, bubbly guts with a delicious cherry scent. Each frog is also packaged with a cute, froggy Easter hand tag -- too cute!


Sidewalk paint by Sidewalk Sensations on EtsyEaster sidewalk art

We can't get enough of this fun, homemade sidewalk paint featured in the Sidewalk Sensations Etsy shop! Priced at $13 for a stack of three colors or $24 for two stacks, this non-toxic sidewalk paint is made with a powder containing nut-, wheat- and gluten-free food ingredients. The colorful paint powder is safe for children, animals and the environment and washes away easily with rain and sun or off of clothes that are in the wash, without stain removal products. Just mix one part powder with two parts water and you're ready to start painting the neighborhood sidewalks red!


Easter bunny scribble crayons by Jugie Bee Crayons on EtsyRecycled Easter bunnies

The Jugie Bees Crayons' Scribblers Etsy shop offers up these super-cute Easter bunny 'second chance' crayons in six fun colors for only $4.99. But these crayons just aren't any old Crayola re-makes -- these cute Easter colors are made with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients and soy wax, so that they're also eco-friendly. Each set of crayons comes gift wrapped with customizing options and a wide variety of colors to choose from. And if the Easter bunnies are a little too literal for your taste, consider checking out the rest of the Scribblers Etsy shop for over 100 different crayon designs!


Wooden helicopter by Midwest Gifts on EtsyA fun Easter flight

Midwest Gifts' handmade wooden helicopter is an excellent Easter basket goody for the little ones that love 'flying' throughout the house. Priced at $10, these cute 'copters are made with pine and maple wood and feature rotating top and rear propellers. Consider checking out the rest of the Midwest Gifts Etsy shop for a variety of neat wooden toys -- including a super-cool rubber band speed boat ($12)!


Bunny and duck hand puppets by Candy's Corner on EtsyEaster puppet play

Got an aspiring puppeteer at home? Consider snapping up this bunny and ducky hand puppet set in Candy's Corner Etsy shop! Priced at $8.99 per set, these puppet cuties are hand-knitted with soft and snuggly acrylic yarn and plastic buttons for the eyes. Plus, they're made to fit adults -- perfect for a family puppet show! Be sure to check out the rest of Candy's Corner Etsy shop for various bunny colors, penguins, monkeys and much more.

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