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2004 ParentMap Picks -- People and Organizations

People and organizations that make a difference

Favorite support group for sequencing moms
When today's moms decide to work outside the home, it's often not a linear path -- i.e., take a job, work 8-5 for 40 years, retire. That picture of the work world is fast fading for everyone. But for women, "sequencing" is becoming more and more common. Women become mothers, take some time off after the baby is born. If they return to work, it may be in a few months -- or in a few years. They may work part time for a while, or work full time for a few years and then take some time off. It's called sequencing, and Mothers and More -- a national organization with many local chapters -- is a group that helps sequencing moms connect. Support, advocacy, education -- it's all part of this group's mission. For local chapters, go to www.mothersandmore.org.

Favorite parenting guide publisher
It all started with a self-published book by Seattleite Elizabeth Crary, Without Spanking or Spoiling. Now, 25 years later, Crary's venture into book publishing has turned into a business with 86 titles under its belt, written by more than 40 authors. Parenting Press, based in Seattle, offers a wide range of books with solid, common-sense tips, advice, insight and ideas for parents and kids. Need help getting your child to understand the word "no"? You may want to read Taking "No" for an Answer and Other Skills Children Need. Trouble communicating with your teen? Parenting Press offers Grounded for Life. Need some advice for helping your child deal with anger? Then pick up a copy of I'm Mad. Check out other titles and more on Crary's venture, at www.parentingpress.com

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