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2014 Superheroes for Washington Families

2014 SH collageWhat is the magic ingredient that makes a hero? Why do some kids grow up to become the champions of a new generation? Can we clone the amazing people who spend their lives improving the world for families and children?!

We still can’t bottle that special Superhero juice and pass it out for free, but after getting to know this year’s crop of Superheroes, we have a pretty good idea of what it takes to grow a leader: mentors and teachers who spend the time to encourage a child; supportive communities; parents who help fuel their kids’ dreams.

All our Superheroes were inspired to enhance the lives of children and families in Washington state and beyond, from pioneering baby-brain researchers to a poet mentor, from a truth-speaking educator to a philanthropist who has spent half a century pursuing justice for others. And so many more. Superheroes, we salute you!

Meet our 2014 Superheroes:


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