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2015 Golden Teddy: Parent Resources

Rory Graves

Published on: June 15, 2015

Parent Resources

Where do we find our proverbial village — the people and places that weave the net of support for us and our children? From drop-in child care to nannies to support groups and top doctors, having a reliable network of support is invaluable. Check out the parent-picked resources voted for by you, our readers. 

2015 Parent Resources — Winners + Finalists:


Drop-in Day Care

Nanny or Babysitting Services

Parent Education + Support

Birth/Postpartum Support

Pediatric Dentists


Best Pediatricians


WINNER: Pediatric Associates

Bedside manner matters. Finding someone who understands your parenting philosophy and concerns, and who relates beautifully to your children can make a world of a difference while navigating the bumps, scrapes and coughs of childhood.

Pediatric Associates (various Eastside locations) is this year’s winner, touted for its “top-notch” care and “easy scheduling,” even on weekends! “I wish I’d had a doctor like this when I was a kid!” one reviewer laments.


Parents rave about Dr. Thomas Numrych and the staff as a whole at Virginia Mason’s Sand Point Pediatrics Clinic: “Kids love him, and he is very knowledgeable,” writes one parent.

Ballard Pediatrics features “great staff, quality care” and a fast response time. “I love all the doctors here as they manage to put my son at ease as well as us,” says one reviewer.

Dr. Alexander M. Hamling at Pacific Medical Centers (Canyon Park and Northgate clinics) earned your votes for his compassionate approach to treating patients.

Parents who have taken their kids to Woodinville Pediatrics tout the flexible schedule. "Appointments are always available, they have late appointments and on Saturday," says one reviewer. 

Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic gets praise from its loyal patients. "Over many visits for our three little ones, we've been very pleased with the staff and services."

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Drop-in Day Care

WINNER: YMCA Child Care (various locations)

One of the most raved-about aspects of YMCA memberships is the child care that is offered at various facilities. Members can drop their children off and work out, attend a class or sit in the lobby and do some work on the free Wi-Fi. The only caveat is that you must remain in the building while your child is at the drop-in care. Age range for care is 3 months to 10 years at most facilities, and child care is usually limited to 90-minute intervals; age requirements and schedules vary by location.


Readers also tout Penny Pumpernickel Pants Playcare, which incorporates outside play, nutritious lunches and snacks, and lots of games, reading and crafts. “Best mom-run business!” raves one voter.

Readers give positive reviews for The Nest in Woodinville: “Super-organized” and “a win/win for the kids and me!”

And Adventure Kids Playcare in Bellevue and Issaquah also receives the parent love: “The kids never want to leave!” one reviewer reveals.

Blossoming Buds Cottage has some happy customers. "Our son loves it... won't even stop to say goodbye to us, just runs right in and starts playing." 

AuPairCare gets praise for providing "reliable, consistent care." 

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Nanny or Babysitting Services

WINNER: Seattle Nanny Network, Inc.

Trust is important when it comes to finding the right caregiver for your precious little ones. The Seattle Nanny Network, Inc. is as close as you’ll get to Mary Poppins, with its experienced and responsive child care providers. “Best nanny/family matches,” raves one satisfied parent.


Once again, A Nanny for U impresses parents with its “trustworthy, caring, reliable” staff.

Annie’s Nannies, Inc. ranks high with readers for its “top-notch service.” “Gold standard,” says another. also ranks high as an easy-to-use tool for connecting with local child-care providers seeking employment, and offering background checks and other tools to streamline the process of finding child- care providers. 

AuPairCare is touted for its "oustanding support." 

Parents who have used My Loving Nanny have great things to say. " I have been nothing but impressed."

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Parent Education + Support


What would new parents in the Puget Sound area do without PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support), a “lifesaver” for new parents? This support helps new parents connect to find relief, answers and friendship while navigating the early years of parenthood. “Awesome resource for new parents to feel like they aren’t alone,” praises one parent.


From preconception to childbirth to baby care and beyond, EvergreenHealth in Kirkland offers classes for every stage of parenting. “The parent-baby groups are a must!” says one reviewer.

Hop to Signaroo provides American Sign Language classes and materials for hearing parents and babies. “A really great way to learn how to communicate with your baby,” enthuses one parent.

ParentMap’s Lecture Series also got your votes (aww, shucks — we’re blushing!). Meet face-to-face with top experts in parenting, psychology, brain science and more to discuss the latest research and tools for navigating parenthood.

North Seattle College Parent Education Program Cooperative Preschools serves parents at 13 locations in North Seattle. ""I have a lot of fun at preschool and the kids have even more. Our teachers are fantastic and I learn a lot from the other parents too," raves one parent from the Wallingford class. 

Woodinville Toddler Group offers "a tight-knit community" for both kids and parents. 


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Birth/Postpartum Support


Whether you’re trying to operate on two hours of sleep, learning how to breastfeed or putting baby gear together through bleary eyes, postpartum support is invaluable for parents who may feel isolated or anxious. Readers tout PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) as a “lifeline” for new parents. “There is a gripping fear that you’re ‘doing something ‘wrong.’ Seeing other parents go through similar challenges and feeling that you are not alone helps.”,


From childbirth to infant care to parenting classes, EvergreenHealth in Kirkland is popular for its classes that cover every stage of parenting.

Swedish Medical Center got your votes for its quality childbirth, parenting and family classes.

Belly to Babies doulas offers services to help parents through pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. “We were so pleased with our home birth experience!” raves one parent.

Listening Mothers offers a unique opportunity for parents of babies birth through six months of age to discover the joys of parenting. 

Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue offers quaity classes covering a variety of health topics to help you and your family during the many stages of life. 

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Pediatric Dentists

WINNER: Lynnwood Kids Dentist

Starting those healthy habits young — including regular dental checkups — is made easy when your kid leaves the dental chair happy. For the fifth year in a row, Lynnwood Kids Dentist and its dentists, Dr. Roger Lucas and Dr. Diane Tung, win this category for chairside manner and healthy smiles. “The best preventative care and tips we’ve ever seen,” says one parent. Now, that’s something to smile about!


The University of Washington Center for Pediatric Dentistry receives high marks for chairside manner. “I can’t recommend the team here highly enough!” raves one reviewer.

Dr. Troy Hull’s Greenlake Kids Dentistry receives high marks again this year for providing an “A+ experience.”

Readers gushed about Dr. Keith McDonald at A Kids Place Dentistry for Children. “My kids now enjoy going to the dentist!” 

Woodinville Pediatric Dentistry is noted for their excellent staff. "We love Dr. Rama and all the staff here. I wish this could have been my dental experience as a kid!"

Pacific Pediatric Dentistry  in Edmonds is also touted for their "patient staff that is wonderful with children."  "Best dentist office around," says one parent. 

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