Golden Teddy 2015: Seattle Food

Seattle Food + Dining

As our readers well know, it takes more than mac and cheese and a few crayons to make a restaurant truly family-friendly. So, where are those elusive family-welcoming spots with menus that adults love as much as kids? And where can we find the best sweet treats, food trucks, gluten-free pizza, global eats and — just in case we can ditch the kids now and then — date-night destinations? We asked, and our readers told us. Note: This is just a taste. 

Seattle 2015 Food + Dining — Winners + Finalists:

Seattle Pizza

Seattle Doughnuts

Seattle Ice Cream

Seattle Treat Shops

Seattle Family Breakfast

Seattle Cross-Cultural Eats

Seattle Coffee Shops

Seattle Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Seattle Food Trucks

Seattle Fresh Food

Seattle Date-night Spots

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