DIY long-reach gizmo toy for kids by Giddy GiddyGo, Go, Gizmo!

It's hard not to love a DIY toy with the ability to move based on simple mechanics — and that's exactly why we can't get enough of this homemade "long-reach gizmo" featured on Giddy Giddy!

Made using cardboard, brads, scissors, and acrylic paint, long-reach gizmos are easy to make when you're in a rainy-day-play pinch, and they're sure to provide plenty of giggles from your bored brood. Teri's little ones chose to make an angler fish and an alligator, but the options are truly endless when it comes to how your kids can decorate their own new playtime chompers! Check out the rest of Teri's full tutorial to see their additional gator gizmo and for plenty of helpful tips and tricks.

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