Garden Tea Party Spring Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Garden Tea Party

This party theme is lovely for girls in spring or summer, or an indoor version during cold-weather months. Instruct guests to come dressed up and enjoy a ladies’ tea.

Set the scene by setting up a table outside (a deck works well) and draping with a pink, plastic table cover. Use wide, tulle ribbon in a coordinating color to tie the corners of the tablecloth to the legs of the table in big bows. This will prevent the table cover from blowing away, and it looks pretty. Then, imitate those fancy chair covers you see at weddings by draping folding chairs with pieces of the same color tablecloth. Simply spread your plastic tablecloth out on the floor, and cut lengthwise into two or three lengths, depending upon the size of the tablecloth. You will want the piece to be wide enough to cover the width of the backrest of your folding chair. Take the cut piece of tablecloth, and drape over the back of the chair, the edges should meet evenly at the bottom, near the legs of the chair. Then use a long piece of the tulle to tie it on, bring the tulle around to the back, just under the backrest, and tie in a big bow.

Check out these free printable invites by Cherylstyle in the shape of a teabag!

Tablescape and food:
Deck out your table with dollar store plastic bowls that look like cut crystal, and fill with Skittles or M&Ms. Add a serving spoon for daintily dishing out servings. Create a tiered serving platter from candlesticks and thrift store china and fill with tiny cupcakes or finger sandwiches. Check out tutorials by Somewhat Simple and Quillquips.

Add your best china and a vase of pink or red roses to complete the table scape. Or for younger kids, use cute paper ware. Serve real herbal tea or pour juice out of a teapot!

Create a paper doily garland to string along the deck rail or fence.

Materials needed

• colored yarn
• paper doilies
• tissue paper flowers or silk flowers
• glue


Determine how long you want the garland to be and cut a length of yarn accordingly. Place paper doilies at intervals. Fold paper doily in half over the yarn, so that the rounded edges meet at the bottom to form a half-circle and the yarn lies along the fold. Glue in place. If desired, add tissue paper or silk flowers in between the doilies. Sew Sweet Stitches has a great tutorial on making tissue paper flowers.

Create a fancy placemat

Materials needed

• clear shelf paper
• paper doilies
• colored sequins
• scissors
• painters tape


Before the party: Cut two matching squares of clear shelf paper. The piece should be large enough for the paper doily to be centered in the middle with room around the edges. Place one, sticky-side up, on your table or workspace. Peel up the paper backing on one corner (only the corner, don’t peel off the whole sheet or everything will stick to it) and secure to the table with painter’s tape. Repeat with other corners.

At the party: When you are ready to begin, peel off the rest of the paper backing. Have the guest place a paper doily in the middle of the shelf paper then sprinkle with sequins. Try not to get sequins on the edges of the shelf paper. When finished, adhere the second piece of shelf paper on top of the first, removing the painters tape first. Trim edges if necessary, and tape edges with clear tape if needed.

Pass the parcel

Before the party: Place a small gift inside of a box, then wrap the box in wrapping paper. Next, wrap again in a contrasting color or pattern of gift wrap, after placing a small item under the paper, such as a packet of gummies or a strip of stickers. Continue wrapping the gift with prizes in each layer, enough for one layer per guest, plus one extra.

At the party: Instruct guests to sit in a circle. Play some music, and guests pass the gift from one to the other until the music stops. When the music stops, the one holding the gift opens one layer.

Spin the nail polish bottle

With partygoers sitting in a circle, spin a tightly closed bottle of nail polish on its side. When it stops spinning, the person the handle points to has to paint one nail with that color. Repeat with different colors until everyone has crazy nails!

Party favors:
Send each girl home with a rose from the table bouquet and their fancy placemat.

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