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9 Handmade Christmas Stocking Ideas

Craft a memory with your kids by hand with these DIY stocking ideas

Published on: December 10, 2014

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care..." 

Dress up your fireplace or give a unique gift to a friend or family member with these wonderful DIY stocking ideas in a variety of festive styles.

Photo credit: Little Button Diaries

Merry Monogram

This year, make your little ones a special monogrammed stocking with this personalized project from Little Button Diaries.

To get started, you'll need some paper to create a template for your stocking, two colors of festive fabric, embroidery thread, furry white material and a few buttons. Once you've sewed the stocking and added the white trim, have your little helpers attach the initial cut from a "Christmassy fabric" using Bondaweb. Now all that’s left to do is wait for Santa!


Photo credit: The Cwafty Blog

Super Mario Christmas

If you have a little gamer in the family, they’ll love this retro Mario stocking from the clever folks over at The Cwafty Blog.

You'll need some Mario-themed felt and fleece in green, black, blue, yellow, brown and red. You'll also need paint and cardstock. After you have sewed the stocking portion, have your brood help you decorate it by gluing and painting on different Mario elements like white stripes to mimic the tunnels, felt to simulate the tunnel floor and a yellow felt square or two for the question mark blocks.

To get busy crafting your very own, you can print a pattern and get a complete walk-through over at the full post.

Photo credit: Chelsea Mohrman | Farm Fresh Therapy

Upcycled Sweater Stocking

These handmade stockings from Farm Fresh Therapy will surely add a little extra warmth to your holiday.

This stocking — made with an old sweater and lined with a Christmas fabric of your choosing — is both incredibly easy and budget conscious. Finish it off with a ribbon loop for hanging and add any other trimmings like hand-stitched designs, bells, buttons or vintage pins. Make one for the whole family and enjoy them for many years to come!


Photo credit: Melly Sews

Awesome Applique

We love the classic look of this Christmas stocking pattern from Melly Sews.

To make your own, download the stocking pattern at the link above, gather stocking fabric, jingle bells and an iron-on adhesive with a strong bond. Choose from a few different holiday-themed applique options and follow the detailed instructions to craft either the poinsettia or tree design.


Photo credit: MuchoXOXO

Bright Idea

For a fun twist on the traditional Christmas stocking, try this colorful idea from MuchoXOXO.

To make these clever quilted booties, you'll need your favorite brightly colored fabric, thread, basic sewing tools and a stocking pattern. Head to the post to print out the pattern and learn Amanda’s easy quilting technique. Make one for the newest member of your family or brighten someone’s holidays by giving it as a gift!


Photo credit: The Sweet Escape

Totally Transformed

Upcycle that sweater you never wear (you know you have one or two in your closet right now) into a funky and festive stocking with this cool craft from The Sweet Escape.

All you need is the aforementioned old sweater, yarn, and needle and thread. It's a simple three-step process to make the stocking. Have your little one help you construct the tassels with your favorite holiday yarn colors. A braided rope as a hanging loop finishes off this stylish stocking. Now it’s ready to be stuffed to the brim with Christmas goodies!


Photo credit: Just Crafty Enough

Coffee Bag Bootie

This eco-conscious stocking idea from Just Crafty Enough is perfect for the coffee lover in your family and is easy enough for all ages!

To make the espresso stocking you’ll need some recycled burlap coffee bags (try your favorite local cafe), fabric glue, thread and a ribbon for an accent and hanging loop. If there's writing on the bag, be sure to place the pattern strategically so that you can highlight any words like "coffee.” Glue a ribbon across the top and write in or hand stitch the recipient’s name. Check out the post for a complete how-to and you’ll be brewing up some holiday cheer in no time!


Photo credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

Sensational Stripes

Make one of these striped Christmas stockings from Craftaholics Anonymous for every member of your family and create an incredibly striking mantel. Find a festively striped, heavier fabric so it will be sturdy enough to hold all of the goodies it will be stuffed with for your little guys. Use a red or white fabric for the cuff. 


Photo credit: Lovely Indeed/MC Photo West Elm

Sensational Stockings

This easy DIY stocking idea from Lovely Indeed is sure to be an instant crowd pleaser for the holiday season.

Easy enough for small hands, you'll need a blank stocking, felt, strong glue, scissors and alphabet templates (print them out at the full post). Using cardstock, print out the alphabet templates (tip: try two different fonts for a unique look). Have your little helpers spread the glue to the backs of the letters with a cotton swab. In just about an hour’s time, the stockings will be ready to hang on the chimney with care!


Photo credit: Lovely Indeed/MC Photo West Elm

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