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12 Easy Homemade Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love

Spooky and delicious Halloween treats

Published on: October 04, 2021

12 Easy Homemade Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love


Your little monsters will delight in making (and eating) these spookily delicious Halloween treats. From Frankenstein brownies to peanut butter and chocolate (eye)balls, we have all the ingredients for a howling good time!

1. Boonana pops

Give your guests a scare by making easy and healthy frozen “Boo-nana” pops featured at the Healthful Pursuit blog. All you’ll need are some just-ripe bananas, popsicle sticks and raisins (for the eyes). Freeze them up, and serve. Your little monsters will have fun chasing each other around the house with their ghostly friends.

2. Apple monster mouth

This is probably the easiest Halloween treat there, in fact the kids can even help with these ones. All you need are some apples, nut or sunflower butter and some seed or nuts for the teeth. Check out Super Healthy Kids for the full instructions. 

3. Oreo spiders 

Oreo spiders by  Bless This Mess

The kids will want to help with this one as these cookie spiders are so much fun to make. You'll just need some Oreos (Doublestuff works best), shoestring licorice, some M&M's and a tube of store-bought icing. Kids will love chopping up the licorice, sticking on the colorful eyes and making their own unique spider. Head to the Bless This Mess blog for the recipe and some extra tips. 

4. Peanut butter and chocolate eyeballs

This Halloween, all eyes will certainly be on these peanut butter and chocolate goodies from Autumn at It's Always Autumn. There are few combinations more delicious than chocolate and peanut butter, making these a surefire hit with the kids. Part of the fun for your little ghouls will be hand-rolling the yummy mixture into “eyeballs” and then dipping them into melted chocolate. 

5. Mummy cookies 

This All Hallows’ Eve, say “Boo!” with these mummy treats made from Oreo cookies. Use melted white candy melts to create the mummy look and candy eyes to create the face. The cookies travel well, so they’ll work perfectly at any trick-or-treat get-together! Head to Confessions of Parenting for the full recipe. 

Brownies by Hot Chocolate Hits

6. Frankenstein brownies

Rich, fudgy brownies make this Halloween sweet treat as tempting as it is frighteningly fun. For an extra spooky good time, have the little ones finish each “Frankenbrownie” with red decorating gel or frosting for a bloody effect. Get delectable brownie recipes and the how-to at Hot Chocolate Hits.

7. Skeleton bones

Give your family a fright with these realistic-looking skeleton bone candies made out of pretzels, marshmallows and white chocolate. To recreate these devilishly delicious treats, you’ll want to follow the easy instructions Laura outlines on her blog Family Spice. From assembling the “bones” to stirring the melted chocolate, your children will get a kick out of making these!

Halloween-treat-bag by Abeer at Cake Whiz

8. Halloween glove treat bag

What could be easier than this? Delight the kids with these creepy-cute Halloween treat bags from Abeer at Cake Whiz. Pick up some semi-transparent gloves at your local drugstore and have fun with your little ghouls and boys filling each one with your favorite candies! Check out the full post for tips and a step-by-step guide.

9. Spooky woods marshmallow pops

Mom Crissy came up with this super-simple Halloween treat idea that’s perfect for a busy family looking for a quick and festive way to celebrate the holiday. All you need is five minutes and a little imagination! To make your own, get the complete recipe and instructions at Dear Crissy.

Coffin crisp mummies by Mom vs The Boys 

10. Coffin crisp mummies in a graveyard

Who dares to eat these creepy coffin candies? Everyone, that’s who! Mom Jennifer, author of Mom vs The Boys, used snack-size bars and melted white chocolate to achieve the the terrific mummified effect. Your kids will have a screaming good time making the “dirt” and “tombstones” with some surprising ingredients.

11. Googly-eye Halloween cupcakes

These terrifying treats are almost too adorable to eat — almost. Bring the fun and excitement of Halloween into your kitchen by letting your little goblins personalize their own spooky cupcakes. The blog Sweet C’s Designs offers a simple step-by-step recipe, a list of supplies and scary good decorating ideas, too. They’re just as fun to make as they are to eat!

12. Pumpkin spice jack-o'-lantern Rice Krispies treat pops

We can’t get enough of these ghoulishly great Jack-o'-Lantern Rice Krispies treats from Beth at Hungry Happenings. You’ll need a silicone pumpkin mold to create the festive shape and, of course, Rice Krispies cereal (generic puffed rice cereal brands will do fine, too). Dip them in pumpkin spice candy melts — or any delicious seasonal flavor of your choosing — and done!    

Best of all, these sweets will add a little extra thrill at your fright-night party!

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2015, and updated in 2022.

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