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7 Fab Field Trips for Seattle-Area Adults: No Permission Slip Required

Take a break from parenting and try something fun and new

Bryony Angell

Published on: February 25, 2020

Public garden walking tour with Historic Seattle. Credit: Historic Seattle

Grown-up “field trip” fun

You've signed lots of field-trip permission slips for your kids. Have you ever thought “this field trip sounds really fun! Is there anything like it for my age group?” Well, for parents around the Puget Sound region, the answer is definitely yes.

Creative learning opportunities for adults are everywhere in the greater Seattle area, many of them similar to what your child might explore on a field trip or at camp. Except these opportunities are tailored to adults. Connect with other grown-ups, learn a new craft or skill (indoors or out) and enjoy some perks of being of age — care for a glass of wine? 

“I want to recapture the spirit of day camp or field trips that we took as kids,” says Cambria Cox of The Field Trip Society. “I want to give people time to dabble, with low commitment, but to walk away with the tools to do more.”

This spirit is echoed by other small companies, organizations, museums and community centers pivoting their education programs to appeal to busy urban adults — including working parents — for anyone who might want to try something without a huge time or money commitment. A one-time weekday evening or weekend class is easier to manage. But leave the kids at home. This one is for you.

And the options are vast! These field trips run the gamut of possibility and price — some are even free. Use the arrows above the image to browse the options and get ideas.

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