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No Permission Slip Required: 7 Fab Field Trips for Grown-Ups

Take a break from parenting and try something fun and new

Published on: February 21, 2019

No Permission Slip Required: 7 Fab Field Trips for Grown-Ups

the works
Lotion-making class at The Works

Craft sustainably

Take your pick of the many imaginative, creative and hands-on options offered by two local organizations, The Field Trip Society and The Works Seattle. While The Field Trip Society hosts its classes in a variety of sites (from stationery shops to the Seward Park Audubon Center), The Works offers classes at its home location in central Seattle.

“We have a big community table that everyone gathers around,” says The Works owner Kellie Phelan. 

Both organizations draw instructors from the region’s many creative entrepreneurs, and class size is generally no more than 16 people.

“I want to encourage the intimacy and connection that comes with smaller classes,” says Phelan. From formulating your own custom lotion to learning the art of Japanese bori stitching for mending those ripped jeans in your closet, you’ll be reconnecting to a slower pace and mindful practice, at least for a few hours.

Group size: Up to 16

Time Commitment: 2–4 hours

Cost: $25–$150 depending on program; some events at The Works are free

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