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Baby Shower Gifts That Moms Actually Need

Practical but perfect gifts that a mom will appreciate

Published on: July 26, 2018

Baby Shower

Get real

When purchasing baby shower gifts, Instagram and advertisers want you to believe it’s all about the getting the best baby handprint kit, but the real key to bringing the best gifts to the party is buying them for the future-parents, not for the baby.

Not that memory-making tools aren’t lovely (if they remember to use it in the chaos), but your friends are likely already getting enough onesies to absorb spit-up for a lifetime and have a stack of board books taller than said baby-to-be (not that you can ever have enough books). 

The reality is, the baby might grow out of that onesie before it even has a chance to wear it and the mom may still be looking for her morning coffee. The best gifts keep the morning brew hot, the mom fed and the parents sane.

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