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Baby Shower Gifts That Moms Actually Need

Practical but perfect gifts that a new mom will appreciate

Naomi Tomky

Published on: March 31, 2021

Baby Shower Gifts That Moms Actually Need

Soothing Nipple Gels
Credit: Lansinoh Store on Amazon

Pads to prevent pain

The market for products to ease nipple pain caused by nursing is vast and mostly full of useless junk, but Lansinoh Soothies gel pads are a standout exception. The stick-on pads provide instant cooling and soothing relief, and also hide the “bullet-smuggling” look when mom appears in public. Each pair of pads is good only for a short period and they’re not cheap, so they make a great shower gift for a mom who might otherwise consider them an extravagance. To quote one happy Amazon customer’s experience: “Instant relief. Tears of joy fell from my eyes. I could hear Lionel Richie singing ‘Hello,’ with a thousand angels singing background vocals.” 

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