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Baby's Sixth Month: A Guide to Development and Milestones

Published on: May 01, 2013

6 month old baby what to expectAll about your 6-month-old baby!

Physical development: Many babies can sit up and roll over. She’ll roll over often if she’s already rolling by 6 months, says Seattle Children’s pediatrician Dr. Mollie Greves Grow. At this age, your baby is ready for and needs to be introduced to solid foods, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Breast milk is still hugely beneficial. Consult your doctor for how to introduce solids. Begin simply, with one appropriate food at a time. Making your own baby food is simple and makes for fresh, nutritious food.

Brain development: Baby is able to focus more on objects. She begins to move objects around with her hands, continues to be very interested in faces, words and interactions, says Grow. Soon your baby may start transferring objects from one hand to the other, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Your baby’s vision will also be clearer. You might notice your baby concentrating on one object or toy, or following a moving object like a ball as it rolls around the room, according to the Mayo Clinic. Position a safe mirror securely on the wall near the ground and let your baby enjoy studying her own reflection.

Social development: She’s very interactive, with more vocalizations, says Grow. By six months, your baby might recognize her name, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Fun fact or milestone: She’s very interested in food, says Grow. Music can help soothe, entertain and teach. Try playing classical music, lullabies and simple toy instruments with your baby.

What to watch for/common concerns: Everything goes in her mouth. Be aware of choking hazards; your baby can reach more items now that she can sit up, says Grow.

One important thing you can do for your baby: Read to her more often, says Grow. Talk, talk and talk some more, recommends the Mayo Clinic. Your tone of voice can communicate ideas and emotions. Ask your baby questions, describe what you see, hear and smell around you, count toys, sing songs.

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