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Baby's Seventh Month: A Guide to Development and Milestones

Published on: May 01, 2013

7 month old babyAll about your 7-month-old baby!

Physical development: Baby’s much better at sitting up and reaching for toys while playing, says Dr. Mollie Greves Grow of Seattle Children's Hospital. According to the Mayo Clinic, by about seven months, babies will be able to roll in both directions, even in their sleep. You might notice your baby beginning to scoot, rock back and forth or even crawl across the room.

Here's a physical development checklist for 7 months from


  • Rolls both ways (front to back, back to front)
  • Sits with, and then without, support of her hands
  • Supports her whole weight on her legs


  • Develops full color vision
  • Distance vision matures
  • Ability to track moving objects improves

Brain development: Baby should be sleeping better and have regular napping cycles by now, says Grow. Beginning around seven months, most babies will be able to transfer objects from one hand to another or directly to their mouths. Pulling objects closer with a raking motion of the hands will soon give way to more refined movements, such as picking up objects with just the thumb and forefinger. This improving dexterity will help your baby handle a spoon and soft finger foods, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Social development: Baby begins to really babble and try to talk, according to the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). Baby also likes to have the same people take care of her, which makes her feel safe.

Fun fact or milestone: She’s developing an ever-expanding palate for new foods, says Grow. (Want some new ideas for great baby food to make at home? See “Puree and Simple: Make Your Own Baby Food.”)

What to watch for/common concerns: Be aware of choking hazards with any new foods that are not adequately pureed or softened, says Grow.

One important thing you can do for your baby: Introduce her to a wide variety of foods, says Grow. Read books, naming things pictured and pointing to them, according to the WA DOH.

More child development milestones:

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