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The Best Baby and Toddler Subscription Boxes for Busy Parents

From books to diapers and beyond, there’s a subscription box for that!

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: May 26, 2023

The Best Baby and Toddler Subscription Boxes for Busy Parents



Wooden, plastic, educational — so many options! The following toy-focused subscription boxes promise developmentally appropriate entertainment for your little ones every step of the way.

"Toddler girl playing with wooden race car track"
Photo credit: Lovevery


Each kit provides developmentally appropriate, stage-based play essentials for tots and toddlers. The Play Kits are tailored for babies ages 0–12 months and toddlers and kids all the way up to 3 years. Baby kits ship every two months.

Cost: Kits for babies ages 0–12 months cost $80 (per kit) and ship every two months. Kits for kids older than 12 months ship every three months and cost $120 per kit.


"Baby playing with wooden toy"
Photo credit: KiwiCo

KiwiCo, Panda Crate

Subscribers receive a box filled with projects appropriate for your child’s development stage every other month. The Panda Crate is designed for babies ages 0–24 months. In addition to projects, the kit also includes activity cards (with tips on how to use your crate), Wonder Magazine and ideas for activities beyond the crate. Note: My children received various Kiwi crates for years and loved them.

Cost: Varies depending on the subscription you choose. For a one-time box, $21.95. If you subscribe for two years (a total of 12 boxes), each crate is $16.95. See the website for more details and options.


"Little boy playing with wooden train tracks"

Toy Library

This unique option is more like a toy rental program, which is great for those of us with limited space, or for anyone who wants to minimize the collection of stuff. Simply play with the toys you receive (two in each shipment, which you select) as long as you want, then send them back and receive a new batch.

Cost: Varies depending on the subscription you choose. One month only is $29.95; a 12-month subscription is $12.50 per month.


"Baby playing with wooden toys"
Photo credit: Hoppi Box

Hoppi Box

This box provides Montessori-inspired toys tailored to your child’s age and development stage. The boxes ship quarterly, a frequency that won’t overwhelm. What a nice gift for a new parent!

Cost: Varies depending on the subscription you choose. One box, $75; Four boxes over 12 months, $66 per box (pay $264 when you sign up).

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