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The Best Baby and Toddler Subscription Boxes for Busy Parents

From books to diapers and beyond, there’s a subscription box for that!

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: June 13, 2024

The Best Baby and Toddler Subscription Boxes for Busy Parents

mom ready a book to her baby that they got from a baby subscription box

Book subscription boxes

A quick search on Amazon for “baby books” returns more than 100,000 results. While having that many choices is pretty amazing, it can also be overwhelming. Which books should you choose, and when? Book subscription boxes take away all of the hard work and deliver some fantastic books.

Little Hippo Books

Each box contains three books (board and sensory books) with topics focused on family. You can order a one-time box, or sign up to receive a box once a month for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Cost: A one time box is $31.99. Ongoing subscriptions range from $22.39–$25.59.


You’ll receive five books monthly; keep what you like and send back what you don’t. They offer a babies and toddlers box for ages 0–4. 

Cost: The $9.95 monthly membership fee does not cover the cost of any books you choose to keep. You will be billed for any books you don’t return 14 days after your shipment is received.


You’ll receive three books per box, and thanks to their uniform height and coordinating cover colors, they will look beautiful on your shelves in between readings. You can also interact with the digital platform to learn more about authors and illustrators, take quizzes, get personalized recommendations, etc. The Board Book Club is intended for ages 0–3.

Cost: Price vary depending on the subscription you choose. The month-by-month rate is $24.95, and a 12-month subscription drops the price of each box to $19.95. See the website for details and more options.

Phinney by Post Kids

Looking for a local option? Phinney Books, located in North Seattle, is owned by a local “Jeopardy” champion. The store mails out one picture book each month, and the target audience is ages 0–5. Books are selected based on an appeal to the whole age range. These books come nicely wrapped in the mail and make a great gift for new parents.

Cost: You can receive a book every month or every other (“Twelve” or “Six”) options. The Twelve Plan, $240 and the Six Plan, $130 (a one-time payment for each). If you are local and want to pick up your books at the store rather than get them in the mail, you will receive $40 off the Twelve Plan, or $20 off the Six Plan.

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