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The Best Baby and Toddler Subscription Boxes for Busy Parents

From books to diapers and beyond, there’s a subscription box for that!

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: June 13, 2024

The Best Baby and Toddler Subscription Boxes for Busy Parents

Dad getting baby dressed in a cute outfit that came in a baby subscription box

Clothes subscription boxes

Babies grow so fast that it sometimes feels like they barely get a chance to wear something before it’s too small. These subscription boxes will help ensure that there is something fun to wear in your baby’s ever-changing size.

Stitch Fix

I’ve been getting boxes from Stich Fix for years and love them. The style is exactly what I like (thanks for the style quiz), the prices are reasonable and it’s simple to return unwanted items. Now kids can get a Stich Fix box too! Kids styles are stocked in sizes 2T–18 and kids get their very own style quiz. There is a $20 styling fee with each box, which is put toward any item you decided to purchase.

Cost: There is a $20 styling fee per box, you pay individually for each item you decide to keep (returns are free). Keep the whole box and you’ll get 25 percent off.  

The Dopple

Start by taking a style quiz, including brand preferences and budget. Then Dopple will put together a curated box of clothes for your child based on your responses. Boxes (called Drops) are delivered quarterly, but you can request or postpone a shipment at any time. Keep what you like, send back what doesn’t work.

Cost: There is a $10 nonrefundable service fee for each Drop, which is credited toward anything you purchase. The rest of the cost is dependent on how many items you choose to keep (returns are always free).


Three outfits for your baby (for sleep, play and going out) are delivered monthly. There are not too many choices with this option. You simply select the age of your baby and if you’d like clothes that are geared toward a boy, girl or gender neutral, and that’s it.

Cost: Prices vary depending on the subscription you choose. Month-to-month cost is $69 per box; three months, $65; six months, $63. All plans automatically renew on the first of the month, until you cancel.


Babies grow in the blink of an eye, and it is so easy to quickly find yourself with a drawer (or two or three …) of clothing that no longer fits. This service can help empty those drawers, at least a little bit. Simply select the capsule you want, take a quick style quiz and answer a few questions, and then your first box is on the way. You keep the clothing for as long as you want, and when you are ready to exchange it, fill out a swap form online. A new box will arrive, and you can place the items from your previous box into a pre-paid shipping bag to return. Repeat as often as you like. Genius!

Cost: The Essential Capsule delivers seven items for $32 per month. Other options are available, see the website for more information and pricing.

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