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Incredible Destination Desserts Around Seattle to Devour With Kids

5 unique sweet treats to seek out with your family

Published on: June 07, 2021

Close-up of Sugar + Spoon dessert Seattle-area sweet treats to try with kids
A sweet treat from Sugar + Spoon. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Unique and delicious desserts worth finding

The pandemic really messed up the local restaurant scene, but one cool thing is seeing the side hustles and small businesses figure out new ways to reach all of us dessert-lovers.

Our family bit the bullet for you and put five amazing desserts to the taste test. Some of these places will deliver, some of them you have to stalk on Instagram for pop-up details, and all of them have bizarre hours and limited quantities. (Pro tip: Pre-order so you’re not disappointed.)

Remember having actual hobbies? Yeah, that was before kids. These days, our idea of a good time is going in search of a small but super-tasty splurge. This is a dessert crawl that does require some planning; think of it as a sort of scavenger hunt with the most delicious rewards.

Use the arrow above the image or the link below to get started.

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