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Best Indoor Swimming Pools for Kids and Families Around Seattle

Lazy rivers, epic slides, warm-water pools around Seattle, the Eastside and South Sound

Kali Sakai

Published on: January 13, 2023

View of people swimming in Rainier Beach Pool in Seattle. Yellow twister slide is in the backgorund and the lazy river feature is in the foreground
Rainier Beach Pool. Credit: TIA International Photography for Seattle Parks and Recreation

Swimming is wiggle-busting fun

Swimming! Kids love it and it wears ’em out. It’s fun for babies, tots, bigger kids and grown-ups alike. And with so many feature-packed, warm-water pools to choose from around the Puget Sound region, it’s easy to indulge in serious water play all year long. 

From points around the Sound, here’s the inside splash on top indoor pools, including tips, deals, water temperature and more. Most of these are public pools, but with a shortage of swimming pools in our region, we included some membership pools as well, such as those at YMCA branches. (Also, if we missed a good pool, let us know!)

And of course, safety is always top of mind when it comes to any sort of water play. Check out this round up of swimming lessons and help your little ones gain the confidence and skills they need to fully enjoy these incredible pools. While this round up is generally focused on tot swim lessons, many places offer classes for a variety of ages.

Note: As COVID restrictions ease, call ahead for up-to-the-minute info from your preferred facility.

First up: Seattle indoor swimming pools

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