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7 More Nearby Getaways for Seattle-Area Families

Fantastic places around Washington to explore with kids

Published on: September 10, 2021

long beach
Long Beach, Washington. Courtesy: Visit Long Beach Peninsula

Great getaways close to home

This (very long) pandemic has prompted local families to explore nearby getaway destinations. Lucky for us, there are lots of places to see without ever leaving the Pacific Northwest.

We've rounded up seven more family-friendly getaway spots that Seattle-area families can easily drive to. It's a tandem piece to go with our first edition of nearby family getaway spots. Visit them all!

One note: COVID-19 rules vary by city and county, and are frequently changing. Read up before you go. It's also worth keeping in mind that some areas of Washington have different levels of vaccination and mask compliance. As always, you'll need to assess your own family’s risk tolerance.

Use the arrows above the image to check out these nearby family getaway destinations, and snag a reservation for fall or winter.

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