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13 Apps for Kid Scientists

From physics to stars, bones to chemistry, the best iPhone, iPad and Android science apps for all ages

Kelly Knox

Published on: February 05, 2019

13 Apps for Kid Scientists

Bobo Explores Light app

Bobo Explores Light

Kids can dive into the science of photosynthesis, holograms and more in Bobo Explores Light. This app is a science storybook covering 21 topics all related to light, and it includes videos and mini-games hosted by the energetic robot Bobo. 

If your kids aren’t readers yet, the app isn’t narrated, so it’s not an easy one for younger kids to play alone. But, it is fun enough that you’ll enjoy settling in together to read aloud and explore light together.

$4.99; recommended for ages 9–11; available on iPad.

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