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Best-Selling Trikes and Bikes for Young Kids

Trikes, balance bikes, adjustable bikes with training wheels and more

Published on: April 15, 2021

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Get on your bike

Learning to ride a bike is an important and fun childhood milestone, but choosing the right trike or bike for your child can be complicated, given all of the available options. Do you get a trike with a steering handle? Is it best to start with a balance bike or training wheels? Which are better, hand brakes or coaster brakes? We’ve done the groundwork for you and rounded up 10 of the bestselling and best-reviewed bikes and trikes on Amazon. No matter which you choose, don’t forget the helmet and have fun!

Scroll the arrows above for our roundup of bestselling bikes and trikes.

A note on choosing the right size bike

Getting the correct bike is essential for both learning and safety. The recommended age range and wheel size can help to narrow down your choices, but most experts agree that the best determinant of correct bike size is the child’s inseam length. Here’s a useful article on choosing the correct size.

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