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9 Amazing Playgrounds for Eastside Kids and Families

Expand your playground circuit with these old and new favorites

Nancy Chaney

Published on: November 11, 2019

JiaYing Grygiel

Can you you have too many playgrounds?

Don't think so.

While your go-to neighborhood park is so handy, sometimes you want to stretch your playground legs and try out a new spot. Meet up with a pal and let your kids explore some fantastic new playground horizons with these old and new favorites around the Eastside. Pick one for a play destination and it just may end up a fixture on your regular playground route.

Use the arrows above the image to check out the awesome playground options.

Editor's note: Playgrounds are open but you and kids older than age 2 need to wear masks and families must keep their distance from playground visitors outside their household. If you encounter a crowd, move on to a different playground. Go play early in the morning or just before dark for the best chance of having the equipment to yourself.

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