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10 Best Things to Do With Kids at Seattle’s Discovery Park

Play, dig in the sand, watch for orcas and more at Seattle’s best park

Nancy Chaney

Published on: May 12, 2023

10 Best Things to Do With Kids at Seattle’s Discovery Park

The updated playground at Discovery Park. Credit: Nancy Chaney

The playground

Discovery Park’s fantastic updated playground, which opened in 2017, sits among tall trees a few hundred meters south of the visitor center. You can't see it from the building or parking lot, but you’ll find it if you face the front door of the visitor center and walk around to your left, past the tennis courts.

The playground features a multi-level climbing structure with adventurous elements designed for kids ages 5–12. A smaller structure caters to kids ages 2–5, with a small slide, climbing steps, drums and bells. A set of four swings includes two baby swings, one regular swing and one accessible swing.

The new zip line has a better launch pad than the old one — kids can now launch themselves rather than needing the help of an adult to get going (little kids will still need help), but reports indicate it’s not as fast.

The playground is nicely shaded on a hot day, but those are rare in Seattle so bring sweatshirts or jackets on cooler days.

Find it: The playground is about 300 meters south of the visitor center and east parking lot.

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