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6 Ways to Make Bunk Beds Work

We call top bunk


By Houzz


Published on: October 17, 2017

Bunk beds 1
Thorp Design, original photo on Houzz

Doubled up

Whether your priority is maximizing space, blending bunks into your decor or just making them fun, the perfect bunk bed for your home exists. These examples offer a glimpse of the vast variety of styles available.

How can you accommodate four people comfortably in one bedroom? Here’s how. These corner bunks have space-maxing ability and a simple, grown-up look, courtesy of a classy neutral paint color and unfussy cabinetry. 

Note how the slim reading lights tuck away in a corner of the wall that won’t be used to rest a head against. Their bendy design makes them handily flexible.

Originally published on Houzz by Kate Burt

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