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10 Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids

Simple ideas for a spooktacular (and crafty) holiday

Published on: October 26, 2022


Looking for some cute craft ideas this Halloween season? These 10 spooktacular crafts are perfect for a rainy day and will make your home look extra fun and festive. 

1. Jack-o'-lantern apples

We're always a fan of apple stamping, and the homemade jack-o'-lantern prints featured on Made to be a Momma are no exception!

To make your own stamps, start off by cutting some apples in half. Once your apples are looking more like mini pumpkins, simply glop on some orange paint and get busy stamping away! After the orange prints are dried to perfection, continue adding all of their features using googly eyes and pipe cleaners. The sky's the limit!

Jack-o'-lantern apples from Made to be a Momma

2. Mini piñatas

A creative but simple idea from DIY Candy makes use of recycled materials and will totally delight the kids. 

To make this impressive craft you will need some toilet paper tubes, googly eyes, crepe paper streamers, tape, twine and some small toys or candy. Kids will love gathering up the goodies, stuffing them inside and preparing the piñatas. Watch the video tutorial on the site to see how easy it is to make. 

3. Spooky stones

The frightful Halloween monsters from Crafty Morning couldn't be easier to make and will keep the kids nice and busy. Once you've collected the perfect stones outside, gather together some acrylic paint, googly eyes, a hot glue gun and a black sharpie. 

Add them to your garden or front yard for a spooky and colorful display to delight (or frighten) the neighbors. 

4. Halloween garlands

For some easy, inexpensive Halloween decorations, we recommend checking out One Little Project for tips on making a festive Halloween garland.

A great craft for younger tots, simply gather up your colorful construction paper and get to work on gluing and cutting out your creepy characters. Mama Debbie even provides a printable template to make your garlands. Overall, this is an easy project that's sure to bring a festive pop of color to your home (or porch) on Halloween!

Halloween garlands by One Little Project

5. Homemade haunted house

If you've got a tot who spooks easily at the mere thought of going to the local haunted house (we do too, we won't lie), consider making your own, like the one shown on Alpha Mom.

A fun, non-scary alternative to the ordinary haunted house, this charming playhouse project requires cardboard, painting materials, duct tape and a box cutter (for adult use). Be sure to visit Alpha Mom for the full scoop; she's got a fantastic pictorial on how they created their own haunted house from start to finish and tips on finding inexpensive supplies. Overall, a crafty fun idea for some super scare-free, Halloween fun!

6. Jack-o'-lantern snail 

An adorably creative snail from Alpha Mom uses two different kinds of gourds to make a festively fun garden decoration.

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty scooping out the pumpkin seeds to construct the snail’s shell. A butternut squash is a crafty stand-in for the body, complete with ping pong balls for eyes! The delightfully fun and simple project will add a spooky touch to your outdoor Halloween display. Check out the full tutorial and fantastic photos on the site. 

Jack-o'-lantern snail by Alpha Mom

7. Shadow makers

Featured on Mini-Eco, we can't get enough of these DIY Halloween shadow makers! They've got that Tim Burton-esque creepy-cute feel and we have no doubt that they'll pack plenty of spooky fun for your shadow-throwing tots this fall.

Incredibly easy to make, these shadow makers only require black paper, sticky tape and wooden sticks (Mama Kate used coffee stir sticks). And if it's this crafty Halloween crew that you're hoping to make, be sure to check out Mini-Eco's full post; Kate offers a free downloadable template for her shadowy characters, along with full instructions.

8. Glow jars

Put your collection of mason jars to good use to light up your Halloween with some spooky homemade votives like those featured on Love and Marriage.

To get started, you'll want to have a mason jar handy (with mouths large enough to drop in tea lights), along with black construction paper, tissue paper and some glue. Trace an outline for your silly, spooky face, coat your jar with glue and begin layering your tissue paper on top. Your glowing Halloween characters will be lighting and frighting up the night in no time!

9. Paper pumpkins

What Halloween party would be complete without some streaming jack-o'-lanterns, like the creations featured on Fireflies and Mudpies? A great project for small hands, these hanging pumpkins are sure to excite at this year's Halloween bash.

To get started, you'll want to download the free template on the site and gather your supplies — orange and green construction paper, paper fasteners, scissors and a single hole punch.  All in all, this is an easy afternoon project that will add a nice touch of color to your home this season.

Paper pumpkins by Fireflies and Mudpies

10. Origami bats

We love the homemade origami bats featured on the Layers of Learning blog. They're simple to make and sure to offer plenty of creative fun for your little ones come Halloween!

These little guys are a snap to put together thanks to the detailed tutorial with step-by-step pictures on the blog. String them up with some black ribbon and use them as a festive Halloween garland on your front door. 

More spooky fun: 

Editor’s note: This story was originally published a few years ago and updated in October 2022. Jen Betterley, Rebekah Schilperoort and Vicky McDonald contributed to this article. 

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