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Chore Charts That’ll Save Your Summer

Buy or DIY these awesome charts to keep the kids on track this summer

Published on: May 19, 2021


The relaxed routines of summer are nice, but sometimes kids can be, well, a little too relaxed. Chore charts can help keep kids on track and parents sane! We’ve rounded up unique chore charts, both DIY and ready-made, to help parents out. Try one of these and, who knows, maybe it will help your household run more smoothly all the way into the school year.

Chore charts you can buy

Responsibility chart

Need a chore chart right now? This magnetic responsibility chore chart comes with 90 magnets and contains two dry erase boards. The chart includes behaviors and rewards as well as chores to keep track of everything.

Chore punch card

These business-card-size punch cards are perfect for kids who are doing chores and working toward a reward. They are available in four colors and are instantly downloadable from the Etsy shop JHDesignsStudio. Bonus: The shop offers “Stay in Bed” cards, too! 

Smart planner

For older tweens and teens who don’t need a star reward for their efforts but still need reminders, try this smart organizer and weekly planner from the DasKid store on Amazon. It lays out the whole week on a dry erase board for tracking tasks. The set comes with four dry-erase magnetic markers and is small enough to fit on a mini fridge for a college student. 

Chalkboard and calendar

This chore chart plus calendar is a winning combination from Lushleaf Designs store on Amazon. This has the look of a chalkboard, but dry-erase liquid chalk writes and erases easily without ghosting or dust. It comes with reusable stickers, an eraser, liquid chalk markers and a spray bottle.

DIY chore charts

Spinning chore charts

This project takes some work by the parent, but the result is fantastic! Kids spin the chore chart wheel (made from lazy Susans from Ikea) and whatever the arrow points to is their chore. Maybe this will make the kids stop fighting over whose turn it is to do what.

Chore chart lanyards 

Sometimes the problem isn’t getting the kids to do their jobs, but having to constantly explain and repeat the steps involved in the assigned task. This genius idea from the Five Little Chefs blog involves printing the steps for each job on a lanyard card. Check the post for instructions and more ideas to get your kids to help around the house.

Free printable charts

For pre-readers, a chore chart with graphics instead of words encourages independence. Check out these printable daily routine charts from the blog Happy and Blessed Home. There are seven printables, including one you can customize to fit your household assignments. 

Cookie magnet chore charts

This fun idea from the blog A Spotted Pony offers an easy and fun way for kids to track their own progress. Paint the cookie sheet to match your décor and it will look beautiful on the wall, too. Perfect for pre-readers and readers alike.

Chore monster

If you are handy with a sewing machine, this Cookie Monster chore chart is an awesome project. What kid wouldn’t enjoy feeding this cute monster? Heck, they might even ask for extra chores.

DIY easy chore chart

This project from the Fabulously Frugal blog is simple yet effective. Kids can move clothespins to the other side of the chart as they complete each task. Just download the free file and print at home. Check the post for the rest of the details.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in May 2018, and updated in May 2021.

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