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Clever Tools to Motivate Picky Eaters

Make mealtime battles a thing of the past with these useful products

Published on: January 18, 2024

a young girl shows off cut apples in a bowl after using clever tool to motivate picky eaters

Make mealtimes fun

When you’ve got a picky eater, it can be downright difficult to ensure they’re getting enough nutrients. When my own children go through a picky-eating phase, these simple tricks have helped me through.

  • Change up the presentation. For example, cut carrots into rounds instead of sticks or shred the cheese instead of slicing it.
  • Remember that just because your child doesn’t want to eat something today doesn’t mean that will be the case tomorrow. Repeated introduction of foods is key with kids.
  • Try to keep the stress (at least outwardly) to a minimum; mealtime will not be made easier with more pressure on kids or parents. 

Luckily, there are also some clever tools available that can help boost your child’s interest in food. From themed plates to spiralizers and knives, these 12 genius products will take the stress out of your daily mealtime battle.

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