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Crib Notes: February News for Expectant and New Parents

Embrace the love this month with this expert advice

Published on: January 26, 2018

February baby

Q: How can new parents make time for each other when they’ve got a newborn at home?

A: Parenting can connect us with our partners in new and beautiful ways. It can also sometimes make you forget you have a partner. Making time for each other is super challenging when you can’t even make time to take a shower or complete a single email. 

My husband and I have found that making time for each other requires ongoing intention. When you have a baby (or three!), time together doesn’t have to be extravagant. With our first baby, we did a lot with her: walks, hikes, picnics. My favorite thing to do was pick up our favorite sandwiches and then just go to the beach and take a walk together. 

As we’ve added a second and then a third baby to the mix, we try to make the most of the moments that exist when babies are sleeping or when the older ones are at school or other activities. Once the littles go down, we like to have a glass of wine and play cards or make a late dinner together. (Tip: Put your phones away.) We do the occasional date night out, but some of our best moments together are during naptime or at home after the kids go down.

— Jessica Lawmaster, executive director of PEPS

Have you heard?

You know Alexa, Amazon’s cool talking device that can help with everything from grocery shopping to song recognition? Well, she just got cooler. Vroom of the Bezos Family Foundation developed a skill for Alexa that allows Alexa users to access Vroom tips customized to the age of their child. This is some cutting edge baby brain science we’re talking about. Learn more.

Get out of the house

Pop out for a pre-Valentine’s happy hour and take baby along (yes, really!). A couple ideas on where to go: Redmond Town Center (ample parking, great selection of stores, highly walkable) and Woodland Park (be sure to visit Phinney Market Pub & Eatery, one of north Seattle’s most family-friendly restaurants). 

Gear we're gaga about

Valentine’s Day gift, anyone?

A pillow to help you nurse like a boss   
OK, so first off this product has an awesome name. Milk Boss is an infant feeding support pillow that’s good for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It’s shaped like an egg that you loop over your arm. Told you it was cool.  

Pizza shoesA pair of pizza shoes!   
These shoes have pizza on them. Do we really need to say anything more? We’re totally in love with this collection from clothing line Robeez. Also in the line-up: a hot dog onesie, toucan shoes and a teeny-tiny hoodie. 

A baby doll that actually looks like your baby   
Meet Baby Doux and Baby Bijoux. They’re not only crafted “from the highest-quality European standards,” they offer a wide variety of skin tones and ethnicities. Find them on Amazon.

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