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Crib Notes: January News for Expectant and New Parents

How parents keep baby healthy during the winter and more

Published on: January 02, 2018

January baby

crib notesExpectant and new parents, this section’s for you. From life-saving gear to outings that’ll do the whole family good, Crib Notes is your emergency kit to make it through.

How do you keep a baby healthy during the winter?

“Get you and your baby outside, breathing fresh air and bundled up. Getting out of the house is good for all!” — Alayne Sulkin, ParentMap publisher and CEO

“Do what you can to keep yourself and your other family members healthy. Don’t be afraid to pull the Fussy New Parent card and don’t let anybody touch your baby without washing their hands first.” — Elisa Taylor, ParentMap ad traffic manager

“First, listen to your pediatrician and wash your and your baby’s hands consistently. Second, take good care of yourself. As a parent you have the most physical contact with your baby. Be sure to get enough sleep, eat well, exercise and find time for yourself. Parent’s self-care may just be the most important thing a parent can do to keep their baby healthy.” — Melissa Benaroya, parent and family couch

“At large functions, I always made sure my babes were in a pouch or carrier as much as possible. It helped avoid or answer the question of ‘Can I hold your baby?’ while your sweet Great Aunt is coughing.” — Bob M., Redmond

“I always wipe down grocery carts at the store before use, especially if I put my baby in the cart. Those carts are a hotbed for germs. I carry travel-sized packages of antibacterial wipes with me in the car for just this reason.” — Amanda Brown, ParentMap business development coordinator

Have you heard?

Got a Pierce County Library card? You’re in luck. The local library system has a new program called “Baby Books to Go.” At 18 libraries, you can check out one of 400 ready-to-go tote bag filled with five board books and a colorful activity sheet. The books were specifically chosen for infants and kids up to age 2 and focus on one of the five practices of early learning: talking, singing, reading, writing and playing. 

Get out of the house 

Take a stroll(er) through Washington Park Arboretum’s winter garden. It has colorful, interesting plants even in winter; the grounds are free and open daily from dawn to dusk. 

Gear we're gaga about

Gadgets and gizmos perfect for that new addition 

A cup special for baby teeth  
Baby teeth may not be forever but you still have to take care of them! Enter Babycup, an open cup recommended by dentists for children ages 0 to 36 months. It’s got no lid, handle or moving parts and is perfectly sized for little kids.

BinxyA hammock for the grocery cart  
A mom of four designed this one and she’s on to something. The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock is a foldable seat that clips to most shopping carts. You just stick your groceries underneath while your little bundle chills up top.

A teether that looks like dessert   
These teethers from Loulou Lollipop are the sweetest we’ve seen! Shaped like macarons and donuts, they’re bumpy to help soothe Baby’s sore gums and free of all that nasty stuff (you know, PBA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium and lead).

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