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Don't tell it like it is

Published on: December 30, 2013

When WE raised our kids we didn’t:

Put them in $800 strollers.

Sign them up for baby Mandarin classes.

Pay babysitters $15 an hour.

Play Baby Einstein DVDs.

Teach them how to manage a mouse. Not the animal.

And they were just fine.

Bet you’ve said this if you’re a grandparent; bet you’ve heard this from a grandparent or two.

Memo to grandma’s and grandpa’s: enough with the outdated comparisons. It’s a new day.

Change is good. Even when it looks foolish (the celebrity strollers); even when we just don’t get it (baby yoga?).

After a while, “We didn’t do this...” begins to sound a lot like the rhetoric you heard from your own grandparents. Yes, child rearing can be trendy and the hot, best-selling gurus will soon be replaced by younger, hipper and hotter gurus with newer, trendier ideas.

But don’t be the bubble-burster who reminds the young’uns that fads come and go and that each generation thinks it has all the answers.

They’ll figure all that out for themselves. When they become grandparents.

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