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10 Easy and Healthy School Lunch Recipes

Simple and nutritious lunches that kids will love

Published on: August 20, 2019

Broccoli and Cheese Calzones
Broccoli and Cheese Calzones by Super Healthy Kids

Start the year right

Another school year is upon us, and kids will be heading back to the classroom very soon. While that might mean a little more peace and quiet around your house during the day, it probably means a more hectic morning as you try to get backpacks ready, permission slips signed and lunches packed.

Most of the other morning tasks don’t require much imagination — but school lunches take a bit of planning so you don’t slip into a junk food rut before the first week of school is over. 

While the school lunch trend in the last few years has tended toward bento boxes with 20 cubbies that need to be filled, school lunch shouldn't be that hard. These simple ideas will help jump-start your school lunch year with delicious and nutritious recipes your kids can enjoy all year long.

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