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Ellen Degeneres Talks to the Parents Featured In "Bully"

Published on: December 30, 2013

A must-see documentary film for teens and families, Bully portrays the daily struggles, challenges, and torment some children face at school due to bullying. Though this heartbreaking topic has been disturbingly ubiquitous in the news in recent years, bullying is a subject that can't be stressed or discussed enough. Parents must keep a constant dialogue with their children, school administrators, and other parents about bullying to help raise awareness and create positive change for children in our communities who are bullied.

Be warned -- this featured video in which Ellen DeGeneres sits down to speak with the Long family of Georgia, whose 11-year-old son Tyler committed suicide after being bullied at school for years, will chip away at your heart. The Longs knew that their son was being bullied and they spoke with teachers and school administrators about addressing the problem; the school only responded by saying that everything was absolutely fine. The Longs' heart-wrenching story is featured in Bully, and we encourage all parents to watch the film, which opens today (March 30).

To learn more about bullying prevention, be sure to check out anti-bullying educator Rosetta Lee's upcoming lecture, Beyond Sticks and Stones: Parenting Essentials to Prevent and Address Bullying. The lecture will be held in the Seattle Center's McCaw Hall on April 10 from 7-9 p.m. Tickets are currently available for $20.

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