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Best Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home and Family

Do better by the environment with these sustainable and recyclable household products

Published on: February 22, 2021

Best Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home and Family


Personal care products

The beauty market burgeons with more options than were available even a few years ago (though right now that feels like last century). For light-on-the-earth oral care, consider low-waste bamboo toothbrushes, and silk or bamboo dental floss housed in a reusable glass container.

Shampooconditioner and shaving cream now come pressed into soap-like bars, lessening their plastic footprint or bypassing it altogether with compostable packaging. And, if you’ve budgeted for fancy, natural deodorant, several companies offer aluminum-free alternatives made with ingredients like essential oils, tapioca starch and dead sea salt.

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