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Go Seahawks! All You Need to Know Before Attending a Real Live Game

CenturyLink Field 101 on parking, stadium snacks, headphones and how to cheer

Published on: November 02, 2017

Rain or Shine Guides

While the moms who make up the Rain or Shine Guides were technically born and raised in the Midwest, we consider ourselves Seattleites, and that means our love for the Seahawks runs deep. Having held season tickets for the last 10 years, we have been with the team for many highs, a few lows and that time Marshawn Lynch ran so hard and far he caused a minor earthquake. With the season in full swing, we thought we would give you all the information you need to make a day at CenturyLink Field a success. Face paint optional.

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Know before you go

CenturyLink Field is located south of downtown Seattle and is easily accessible by public transportation. Sound Transit light rail and multiple bus options stop at Stadium Station Tunnel and the Sounder train that heads up from Tacoma on weekdays stops at the stadium as well. If you want to park, there are plenty of options, but expect to pay anywhere from $35–$50.

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You’ll be required to go through security and bags are not allowed in the stadium unless they are 100 percent clear (and no larger than a gallon-size zip bag). You can buy clear bags online, but we like to travel light! Stick your cell phone and wallet in your pocket, and now you can have a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other!

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On game day, Utah Avenue becomes “Hawk Alley” and is filled with fans tailgating. If you are visiting (or just don’t want the hassle), it’s still fun to walk down and see all the crazy costumes, feel the spirit, and hope that someone throws a burger your way.

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Inside the stadium

Come hungry because there are some amazing food options! We recommend Rain Shadow Meats, Stadium Signature Nachos, Beecher’s or Kraken Congee. You might be lured in by Ezell’s chicken and waffles, but we tried it and the waffles were hard as rock. You’ve been warned.

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It’s best to come a half hour before the game because the pre-game show is awesome! The Sea Gals perform, a Seattle celebrity raises the 12th Man flag, an actual seahawk flies through the stadium, the starting defense or offense runs through a tunnel lit up by fireworks, and there is enthusiasm, excitement and heckling of the other team.

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Seattle is known for rain and chances are there will be games where it is, in fact, raining. Only part of the stadium is covered (the 300 section mostly), so make sure you check your seat location and the weather beforehand and dress appropriately.

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CenturyLink Field is the second-loudest stadium in the NFL (darn you Kansas City for taking the title from us), but we DO hold the record for causing the most number of false starts! Come prepared to YELL and CHEER, but never, ever, while the Seahawks offense is on the field at the beginning of a play. This is cheering 101. For young kids, we recommend investing in these.

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We’ll be at the stadium cheering the team on all year, and hopefully we’ll see you there! GO HAWKS!

Ticket tip: We recommend getting tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange because it's secure. Season ticket holders (and people who just hold tickets that can't use them) can post them to this site and it's 100 percent legitimate. Check back often because new tickets are put up all the time. 

Photo credit: Rain or Shine Guides

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Take a tour of CenturyLink! Bring your Hawks superfans for a 90-minute tour of CenturyLink Field on select days and times. Tickets must be purchased in person ($8–$14, kids ages 4 and younger free). 


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