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How Green Is Your Family's Household?

Recycling girlWhen the green movement began in April 1970, marked by the first earnest Earth Day celebrations, much was still unknown about what changes we should be making to become more environmentally conscious.

Over the past 40 years, so much research and creativity has been spun into green thinking, technology innovations, and practical habits beyond making sure to faithfully sort paper, plastic, glass, and cans into their proper bins. These days, there are seemingly innumerable green living strategies to incorporate, but which ones have the biggest environmental impact, and which are practically achievable for families in terms of making affordable lifestyle modifications?

Most of us are not equipped to lead eco-faultless lives — raising a family is an already challenging daily juggling act dependent on a certain number of conveniences that aren't always green — but if you ever find yourself wondering about what simple but effective changes you can make on the home front to boost your family's "green grade," then you've arrived at the right virtual welcome mat! Together let’s take a stroll around your abode to identify additional earth-healthy habits your household can incorporate to become more green.

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