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10 Ideas for a Quarantine-Style Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mom and support local this Mother's Day

Writer author Allison Holm and family on a ferry in Puget Sound

Published on: May 04, 2020

10 Ideas for a Quarantine-Style Mother’s Day


Make home a haven

Art walk

Nothing says “I love you” like hand-drawn art. Kids can take crayons and finger paints to the next level and create their own Art Walk de la casa. String some twinkle lights and decorate hallways with the kids' best paintings and crafts. Designate different rooms as galleries, complete with snacks or small plates to nibble in each room. Feeling ambitious? Follow up with a private concert, featuring impromptu musical instruments and anything else you can conjure up from the play bin.

Mother’s Day garden

Have the kids perhaps sprouted a green thumb during their long days at home? Put it to use and create a special garden for mom! Visit your local nursery (some are open), have your mom choose a selection of her favorite herbs and blooms, and give her garden a special touch with hand-painted rocks or mosaic crafts. 

Craft market

While you can’t go antiquing or boutique browsing, kids can surprise their mom with a little shopping therapy right at home. Homemade gifts, trinkets from around the house and hand-drawn art make for a locally sourced, artisan market. A cardboard box can turn into a coffee stand, and play cash registers are perfect for point of sale. (Just make sure to give mom a big Mother's Day discount)!

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