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7 Last-Minute Homemade Holiday Gifts

Sound familiar? You start the season with a Santa-sized set of ambitions to make homemade gifts. You bookmark websites and blogs and strip-mine Pinterest. You make a list. Then you look at the calendar. Yikes! But it's not too late. Below are seven nifty ideas that are quick, easy,(mostly) handmade -- and you still have time to pull 'em off. Have others? Share them!


Rice Heating Pads from the Tangled NestRice Heating Pads for Winter Coziness

This simple sewing project comes from local nature writer Lyanda Haupt’s lovely blog, The Tangled Nest (her blog’s most popular post ever!) The materials are ordinary enough you might find them in your house (fleece, cotton cloth, rice), the project is simple enough for beginning seamstresses, and the product is ingenious. Also check out her complete holiday gift guide, for more homemade gift ideas.

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