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Lessons in Heroism From Tenacious Teens

Local young change-makers inspire us in the present — and give us hope for the future

Patty Lindley

Published on: March 31, 2022

Lessons in Heroism From Tenacious Teens

Maya Milton

6. Maya Milton: Don’t lose hope, especially when the world seems at its most intolerant.

When I feel concern that we’re going backwards in society, I remind myself that marches are happening and protests are happening everywhere. I think that those are huge signs of hope, to know there are people out there who are continuously fighting for what’s right and fighting for what they believe in.

South Seattle native Maya Milton is a working artist with a very succinct mission: “I’m just making art. I make art all the time for whoever wants or needs it in their life.” Her artwork centers and empowers people of color — Black women, particularly — to celebrate themselves. Her paintings have been showcased in local galleries, during art walks, and at multimedia events for performing and visual artists of all types. “A Hip-Hop Revolution,” one of her acrylic murals, is presently featured just outside the entrance to the MoPOP exhibition “Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop.”

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