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Chinese Zodiac: The Snake Child

Patty Lindley

Published on: December 29, 2021

Welcome to the Chinese zodiac for kids and parents!

About the Snake Child

Chinese Zodiac: SnakeTo put it directly, the Snake child affects her environment in subtle but profound ways. Hers is a complex personality — she is appraising, reticent, serious, and quite intelligent; also capable of redirecting the energy of a situation with the coup de grace of her devastating wit. This sucker’s wind combination is what makes the Snake so alluring — brooding and unforthcoming about her feelings and intentions one moment, and slaying the room with her legendary sense of humor the next.

Snakes can be worrywarts and have a tendency to be secretive. They are extremely self-disciplined, and once they set their hypnotic sights on an objective, they have no trouble calculating a practical and unrelentingly persistent course to achieve it. Your Snake child tends to keep her own counsel and prefers others do so as well — perhaps this quality accounts for her ability to stay out of trouble. Observant Snakes make excellent chess players — actual and metaphorical — meticulously analyzing all angles and options available to them before making their move.

Snakes make sage and fair-minded leaders, and you will notice how other children naturally look up to your Snake child. With a flood of intelligence, and talents and natural abilities in spades, Snake children are eagerly sought after as friends and associates. Emanating power as well as being refined in speech, dress, and manners, Snakes are noted as some of the most alluring and powerful people in the world.

Naturally there is a dark facet to the Snake’s popularity — this child is subject to a great amount of envy throughout life and must learn to handle criticism and other pitfalls that come from being exceptional. Never fear! Your Snake child can always look out for herself and take any knocks or slander in stride, proudly navigating her way through a rabble of fans and the occasional detractor on her way to the top. A life of excitement and intrigue, with all the attendant fame and fortune, is the Snake’s birthright.

Personality Traits

  • Philosophic
  • Politic
  • Deep thinker
  • Enigmatic
  • Wise
  • Mystical
  • Graceful
  • Intense
  • Soft-spoken
  • Relies on her own judgment
  • Trusts her own instincts
  • Fast learner
  • Superstitious
  • Prudent
  • Shrewd
  • Skeptical
  • Guarded
  • Tenacious
  • Calculating
  • Amazing staying power
  • Serene
  • Mesmerizing
  • Confident
  • Cool

Natural Gifts

This intriguer is a coolly confident independent performer on whatever stage she chooses in life. With an amazing self-containment and intelligence, Snakes maneuver with assurance and discipline toward their goals. Snakes fascinate others, plain and simple.

Making Friends

Snakes are guarded by nature, and as such, are very selective about the friendships they form. They can be possessive and demanding in relationships, because a friendship represents a binding and serious personal investment. Friends can always count on the Snake to come through when the chips are down. With a whiplash sense of humor, a cool head in a crisis, and a strong sense of personal responsibility and accountability to friends, the Snake nurtures deep and lasting friendships.

Best boon companions: The durable and dependable Ox, dauntless Rooster, and illustrious Dragon manage to navigate beyond the Snake’s system of tripwires. Snakes are less inclined to favor the overzealous Tiger, impulsive Horse, and too-cunning Monkey with their brand of high-stakes companionship.


Your Snake child will be studious and hard-working in school, achieving rank as a teacher’s pet and exemplar for other students. With her natural aptitude for learning and high IQ, the Snake will excel in generalist studies and be compelled to master those subjects that rivet her interest (mastery is elemental to the Snake's modus operandi). In terms of discipline, this child prefers to be beyond reproach in all matters, so will not get into trouble in school.

Parenting the Snake Child

Don’t spoil the child: The Snake child from a very young age gains an awareness of the effect she has on people. Her vast and mind-muddling charms can turn her besotted parents into putty in her hands. Make sure you don’t fall helplessly under her spell — the young Snake can turn sulky and temperamental when she doesn’t get her way.

Still waters run deep: The Snake internalizes a lot of stress, and it generally manifests as tummy trouble. When your Snake child complains of an upset stomach, you can be sure that there is some disturbance in her world that has now become somatic. Discovering the root cause of any unrest will require subtle, patient, and sensitive probing — your Snake child will often outright refuse to explain herself or her feelings to your satisfaction, leaving you both frustrated.

As a general and related point, communication can be a fraught enterprise for Snakes throughout life, as they are by nature reticent and practiced at cloaking their true feelings and intentions. Keep in mind that an outward mask of calm doesn’t always mean that your Snake child isn’t perseverating about difficult emotional content.

Invest in her cultural capital: The Snake is inborn with a refined personal style and taste, as well as an appreciation for the finer things in life — lavish her with good books to expand her mind, varied food to develop her palate, and great music and art of all genres and eras to sate her artistic inclinations.

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