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Music Review: Hilary Field & Patrice O'Neil "Cantilena - night songs from around the world"

Published on: December 30, 2013

cantilenaWe are cuddled up reading books and in the background “Cantilena - night songs from around the world” is playing – it is an excellent way to spend a cold fall evening! The vocals of Patrice O’Neill and guitar by Hilary Field blend to make a soothing album which is sure to be a regular in our house. The multilingual music creates an atmosphere without trying to take center stage, making it easy to have on while getting the kids ready for bed or other winding down activities. This CD would make a lovely gift for parents who are trying to create a mellow bedtime routine for their kids. All ages.

Best time to listen: drifting off to sleep or while drawing pictures on a rainy day

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