Music Review: Recess Monkey "Field Trip"

recessmonkey51In anticipation of the upcoming new album release from Recess Monkey later this year, I’ve been spending some time with the Recess Monkey collection. A stand out album for me is “Field Trip” (released in 2009). I keep going back to it – sometimes when my kids aren’t even around. For any of you new to Recess Monkey, they have a great sound which appeals to kids and adults alike. I think of them as a cross between The Beatles and kindie rocker Justin Roberts. You can check them out live as they are local Seattlites and frequently perform around the Northwest. As for my fave “Field Trip”, it has a long list of upbeat, you-want-to-sing-along hits including “Fort”, “Knocktopus”, and “Haven’t Got a Pet Yet”. “Sack Lunch” lets us all experience a school field trip from within the classic lunch sack and “New Shoes” features Velcro as an instrument! This album is a staple in our music library as I’m sure it will be in yours. Best time to listen: in the car on the way to anywhere. All ages.

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